Strict mums

Well I am often told im very strict,controlling,im very pro spankings discipline so let's have a community with like minded mums that believe in these values to bring up good decent children. Let's find others that have simmillar ideas beliefs and ways. Let's find others that have high expectations and that believe you only need tell once only. Lets chat


Corner Time

This group has gone quiet. How many parents use corner time after a spanking? I find 15-30 minutes facing the wall, bottom still bared, is very useful and helpful. It helps a...

Started by Michelle_williams on 03/16/2017 in Strict Mums

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The benefits of spanking

My husband and I are firm believers in the benefits of spankiing. Our boy 14 and girl 12 are regularly spanked and occasionally caned on their bare bottoms. We believe that the...

Started by Kate on 02/16/2017 in Strict Mums

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Length of Spanking

I was wondering how long a sound spanking lasts in your home? When I was growing up the minimum length was about a five minute session otk and got longer as I got older or for...

Started by Sophie on 03/27/2017 in Strict Mums

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Spanking Ages

I was wondering what ages you transferred from swats to formal spanking and when you introduced implements. We have changed from child to child. Our first didn't need a formal...

Started by Sophie on 02/13/2017 in Strict Mums

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What implement do you use and why?

Started by Lee on 02/25/2017 in Strict Mums

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Diaper/Knees Up Position

How many mums use this position? Last night I'd had enough with Jane's mouth and told her to go to bed early and 'prepare' for her spanking. After washing and undressing to...

Started by Jade on 02/20/2017 in Strict Mums

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Marking bare buttocks

I know in this day and age parents are wary about leaving marks but I always ensure that a sound spanking leaves the bottom marked and very sore and red. A spanking shouldn't...

Started by Michelle_williams on 02/13/2017 in Strict Mums

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Strict Spanking Mom Here

Hey, I am glad to be here, I am a strict mother , my son is 7 and daughter 11. Feel free to msg if you'd like to talk or could use some help maintaining your sanity! I love to...

Started by Busymommy37 on 02/13/2017 in Strict Mums

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Punished for misbehaving outside the home

So long story short my two older daughters spent the night with my parents yesterday. They broke into the shed with was strongly forbidden because it is falling apart, has saws...

Started by Sophie on 01/28/2017 in Strict Mums

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