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Melissa - posted on 05/08/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am 13 weeks pregnant and i am going to be going back to school in about a month. I am scared that i wont be able to afford it and i have no idea what to do when i get closer to my due date. Does anyone know what teacher's do when your due date is during the school year and how do you deal with missing that much class for the birth? how long did you take off school after the baby was born? Any advice or words of comfort would help, thank you!

P.s. I also have not gotten over my morning sickness or being tired all the time so that makes it seem more difficult to go to class for 4 hours straight a day.


Naomi - posted on 05/10/2010




Are you in highschool or post-secondary? That could make a big difference on how lenient your teachers are. I definitely understand feeling so exhausted you don't want to move, but it will be a lot harder once the baby is here and you're up all night long! I would make sure that your teachers are well-informed about your situation and due date, make solid plans about how much time you want to take off and do as much work ahead as you can. Make sure you are eating properly, exercising and taking your prenatal vitamins everyday, and maybe some extra iron on top of that (clear it with your dr firs though!). Trust me all of that really contributes to how much energy you're going to have to get through your day! I would plan on at least taking a month off if you can afford to. But make sure you keep in mind there can always be complications (I was back in the hospital a week after my son was born for a week, after having an emergency c-section that got infected... all after a perfect pregnancy). Not to scare you, just make sure you work as hard as you can and do as much in advance as possible! You can do it, and it will be good practice for being a mommy! Are you in Canada? There are tons of options for being a young mom if you are.... child tax credit every month (almost $500), subsidized daycare once you're back in school (apply now!), and if you need to go to welfare while you are in school, that is what it is meant for. You will do great, no need to stress just think ahead (which you obviously are, shows your going to be an awesome mom) and make lots of plans! Save your pennies now and read every book you can about parenting/new babies. The more prepared you are the smoother things will work for you! Hope some of this helps!

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