How to manage studying?

Valencia - posted on 09/09/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am a single mother well his dad is around but i dont feel like I am being help alot
I have been out of work for about a year now so I decided to go back to school and still look for a job I have a ton of homework that I can never seem to finish. I don't know if I am supposed to just studying at night or wait until hes taking his naps but its starting to upset me because I am always tired or I cant finish things on time because I cant seem to stay awake. I can't just put my baby on the floor because he is 8 months and he is standing up and crawling all over the floor and he hates being in his bed


Amber - posted on 09/12/2010




I am the same way, When my son was younger I worked out a system. When he woke up we would feed him, and play for awhile (hard playing like chasing, running, tossing the base ball, painting outside, sidewalk chalk, any outside activities, then I would lay him down for a morning nap. Then I would do some work, then when he woke up I would play with him and feed him and later if he needed a nap I would let him nap. (When he napped I would do homework) Then EVERYDAY, After dinner I would give him colors or a book to look at while we both sat at the table and did "homework" this schedule was a big help since I went to night classes. The key is you have to find time that works and stick to it. It gets easier with time. If sesame street can keep his attention then try doing homework while he watches elmo. For awhile Elmo was my best friend. Also at that age when I needed to do something I would give my son a impossible task, put socks and shoes on and lace them well and tell him take them off. or give him the toy where each shape has to go in the correct hole. This buys you a little time. just remember it gets easier! Good luck hope this helps some.

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Shelly - posted on 11/30/2010




I can't study at home. I put aside time between classes (or before or after) and go to one of the labs or study halls at my school. I consider my study time in the lab to be as sacred as my class time and I stick to it like glue. Remember, for every hour in the classroom, you're supposed to set aside an hour of study time.

Is there free or reduced-fee childcare at your school? Many colleges have it.

Desiree - posted on 09/11/2010




how many classes are you taking? i'm pretty a single mother as well- my husband in the army and he was gone for year- came back in july- only to have to hang out tx for awhile. my toddlers are as needy as infants, so i don't start any homework or studying until they sleep- i too am exhausted- but summer was way worse- i took on 5 classes, 4 of which were online- i failed 2 classes, d in one, b in another and aced my class i had on campus. i realized i needed to take on less- so i'm only doing classes this semester- wanted to do 3, but issues came up with my step=sons mom, and i have him full time now- i only go to class 2 days a week, which i'm lucky for considering my situation at the moment. i just had to overcome the fact that i wasn't going to be able to transfer from the community college in 2 years like i wanted to do.....but i'm still working at it, only with a work load i can handle- 3 boys aren't easy to schedule around!

Keeoma - posted on 09/10/2010




I hear ya. I feel the same way with my baby's daddy, I feel like a single parent all the time. they take baby for an hour or two and it's like they want a medal or it's too much for them. I have school coming up too and i will prob be in the same boat as you. But I have a little space in between my classes so I am going to try do my homework then. I can usually get things done when I put him in his highchair with some num nums :) If that helps? lol

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