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I really would like to start vermicomposting and I am just not sure about it. I need to read some success stories and hopefully I can start myself. So anybody doing it and can tell me more about it?


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it's so easy! it takes up no space at all, and is super low-maintenance. i keep my worm bin under my kitchen sink. i use a large tupperware that i poked holes in the lid of. you can get the redworms in some starter soil at the bait shop for super cheap (start with about 50 worms in a 6x10" bin), toss some moistened shredded paper over them, don't give them meat, dairy, or citrus and that's about it. keep it moist but not wet (kinda takes care of itself after a while). kids love them too : ) feel free to message me if you need more motivation!

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