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Samantha - posted on 10/27/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hey all,
My name is Samantha. I just turned 21 in Sept (hope its still okay I post here I was a teen mama) and have three little boys, My oldest just turned 4 in Sept, my middle child will be 3 in Jan, and my youngest will be 2 in Jan. A bit about myself and my journey so far as a young mama. I got pregnant at 16 (on birth control) and ended up having my first little man a week after my 17th birthday. The second time I got pregnant I was also using birth control just a different type, then the third time I got pregnant I was on birth control used a condom but it broke then took the ecp pill.. but I still ended up pregnant with two, but lost the second one at around 9 weeks.. I live in a really small town which has been quite hard, I have lived here my whole life and when I got pregnant I heard so many nasty comments, and people were quick to judge not to mention the nasty looks for older people. Most the young moms around here give teen moms a bad name, by drinking/partying all the time or just plain ol not looking after their kids, then most of the older moms around here think they are way better than any young mom.. Its a constant battle.. I guess you could say im the boring mama.. Since my oldest son was born 4 years ago I have been out a total of 4 maybe 5 times, I find it completely pointless to go out and party and waste money when I could be home with my monsters or spend that money on them or something more important.. Anyways thats just a bit of my journey so far. Hope to talk with you all soon =)


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Alexa - posted on 10/29/2010




Wow so young & 3 babies! You're great Sam :) I think I'm also a little weird haha I've never liked to party & stuff, but even before my baby I've never liked it so it wasn't a problem :)
I'm 17 & I had my baby when I was 16 & now she's almost 6 months old :)
& I know about the nasty comments.. mean people who only judge .. but it doensn't affected me at all :)
I'm so happy now with my baby♥
Hope you're doing great :)

Ashley - posted on 10/28/2010




Aw, Your story is so cute,
I'm ashley, 19, 6 month old bby girl.
I also live in a small town. So I kinda understand the small town drama. And I'm the same wayy, I don't party, I've never been a normal teen. lol.

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