4 Parenting Tips on Toddlers from a Teen Mom

Rebecca - posted on 12/21/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Now i posted this last and i wanted to post it here.I have dyslexia so i don't want any comments about my spelling or grammar. i know it is really bad and yes i do proof read so comments on that either please and thank you

Toddlers can be a handful, but we still love them, right? There are blogs that I read about the right and wrong ways to raise your children. To me they just don't work and some are down right stupid. I kinda just read them for new things to try with my daughter for discipline. but none work. She not a bad child or anything but then again we have been discipline her since she was 1 month old and it has worked. Well here are 4 easy things that worked for us and I think that every mom and dad should know. Some might be mean but they work for my family and they might work for you.

1) Everyone says always keep an eye on and always shadow your kids... Well don't you like your free time. I know I do. well so do your kids. Give them an hour to 2 to play by themselves a day and they will do just fine. Yes there might be a mess after but that leads me to ....

2) Give your kids Chores. Yes I said it Chores and they are never too young to start have responsibility. I have my daughter feed her dogs ever night at the same time. I also have a Pear Timer that sits in her room and when it is time to clean up I set it for 30 mins and she cleans her whole room in that time and makes her bed, put her dirty cloths in her hamper and if her hamper is full she brings it to the laundry room and I help do it. I Also have her help with dishes and cooking.

3) And if they don't do what the are told always have a trash bag handy. Why is having a trash bag a good threat they now that you are not joking around, all you have to say is " if you don't pick up your room I will throw away your toys" and it works every time.

4) "Time outs" are BS. It does not work. You let them out and they go right back to doing it. A light smack on the hand or butt will really get their attention. How many times did you get Swatted or Spanked as a child and we all turned out fine. A light Swat wont kill them, make them a bully, and it's not child abuse. It called tough love and it works.

If you follow these 4 easy tips, raising your toddlers should become more fun and less stressful. I hope that everyone who reads this have a Merry & Safe Christmas!


Tabitha - posted on 12/22/2011




Just have to respond to #4 on your list. Im not at all anti-spanking. However "timeout" are way more effective than spanking. Saying they don't work is kind of a cop-out. They will work for those mothers that take time and effort to do it right. I started my son in time-outs 6 month ago. I did the super-nanny method. They go in time-out after a warning about behavior, the time starts when they are quiet and seated for the appropriate amount of time. The first 2 or 3 times it took me 2 hours of hard grevious work to get him to stay. After a few days he was a pro at it. The biting the hitting the punching all stopped with-in two months. You can better state that by saying "it does not work for everybody". Because it does work time and time again for alot of people. It sounds like you are encouraging spanking first over other methods. I will say again i am not anti-spanking however i do believe it is an option after all others are exhausted.

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