Am i wrong for not wanting my baby daddys new girlfriend around my son because i havent met her yet?

Symphonie - posted on 07/14/2012 ( 9 moms have responded )




My son`s father has a new girlfriend and this is the girl that he cheated on my with while i was pregnant.I found out a couple of days ago hat she has been at his house around my son and they ak like shes my sons mom and like they are a family and that really hurts because thats all i want for my son and i don`t appreciate that woman being around my son without comming to meet me because i dont know her. so now im not letting his father take him any more and dont let him see him anymore because he never helps me out with the baby all he dose is party and smoke


Emma - posted on 07/14/2012




Its not wrong what so ever in my eyes , you have to do what you think is best for your baby && your son should have random gurls in && out of his life while he is with his dad . He should also grow up && stop smoking ! My babys dad ( fiance now ) partied alot when my son was first born , he would come home high && all that but when i told him to stop he did & stayed with us . Take control && do whats best for your precious boy ♥ wish you luck !

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Bobbie - posted on 08/25/2012




The baby will meet and socialize with many people throughout both you and your ex's life. You must be getting all this info second hand about the girl and your ex playing "family". That kind of stuff is never true completely.

You my friend need to understand that your choice in perspective father material was shady. I assure you it didn't bother you that he partied and smoked when he got you pregnant. Step up and be the better person and put your son first. Allow him to spend time with his father no matter who else is there. You have no right to know who is in his father's life. Stop using the baby as an excuse to inflict a little pay back on hurt feelings.

Jeanette - posted on 08/11/2012




as much as you dont want the woman around your son, their isnt much you can do about the situation. if youre going to stop him from seeing his child, only bad can come from it, unfortunately. ive been in this situation with my youngest daughter, with her biological dad and his girlfriend at the time ..... she would rub it in my face that she was cuddling my daughter and acting 'mum' which FIRED me up like crazy. but it just gave her the fuel and them the power to do what they wanted to if i was to resort to taking my daughter away unless she was out of the picture or woman enough to meet me. they ended up splitting up not long after, but i also stopped letting what she said or did get to me. Which bored them lol
As much as i had wanted to stop him from seeing my lil girl, and keep her from his partying ways also, there isnt much u can do chickky like i said. something you just have to suck up. im sure one day u will end up meeting this woman but do not give her the fuel to piss u off, coz they will just keep on doing it. We are women!

Allison - posted on 07/24/2012




My baby dad is the same way he cheated on me for three years n he still with the same girl n he wont let me meet her for w.e reason n I dnt want my son around her cuz he never around n when he his he jus confusing the baby

Ana - posted on 07/24/2012




That woman is a stranger.. what mother would want a stranger around their child? And furthermore, she is messy, so I don't blame you...keep your child at home....she needs to have one of her own if she wants to play mommie!

Tina - posted on 07/19/2012




If you know all he does is party and smoke and you're not comfortable with your child being with a strange woman seek legal advice. Look into your rights for custody and child support. I wouldn't leave my child with someone I didn't know or trust. You shouldn't be expected too.

Alura - posted on 07/17/2012




if he wont let you meet a person who will be around your son most likely every time he sees his daddy then id give him the ultimatum, either a. let me meet her, or b. dont get to see your son.

Jess - posted on 07/17/2012




Absolutely not! Just as you wouldn't put your son in a daycare without meeting the people who will be watching your child all day you will definitely need to meet with this girl and let her know what you expect from her if she is going to " play mommy" with your child then she needs to follow your rules so that your child does not get confused! Be strong and hold your ground. You are a mom and you will do anything to ensure that your child is safe and happy!

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