amm 7 month and my belly is small


Brittany - posted on 03/31/2013




When I was pregnant with my son, I did not get a "pouch" until I was 27 weeks pregnant. When I was 8 months pregnant, I looked 6 months. When I went into labor my doctors called my baby peanut because he was so little well... it looks like he was anyways. I do not know where they go! But once that baby pops out you will be like, "where the hell did that big ole thing come from!" They told me I was ALL fluid, and when he popped out I literally just stared from amazement because I was so small and he was so big. But the good part about it. one they pop if and you are small. You almost instantly go back to looking they way you were before you were pregnant. ;) It wont look like you had a baby. If the doctors aren't worried, you shouldn't be either. Every mother carries differently and all bellies are different sizes and shapes. Just be glad your belly doesn't look like the shape of a triangle like some mothers. hehe.

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