Any of you mommas going back to school?

Alura - posted on 07/22/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I really want to go back to school and get my bachelors degree... but i want to be there for my baby.. i dont know if its better to wait or start school asap.. im scared if i wait ill end up just not going back at all.. i really want a career but i feel selfish for wanting to go back.

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User - posted on 07/29/2012




Definitely in the same boat! I'm 18 and am planning on going to college to get my bachelors in accounting. The conflict - Should I wait or put him in daycare?
I've decided to wait until he's in preschool (3 years old) as he's 14 months right now.
I say as long as your child is over 1 year old and doesn't have separation anxiety too bad, and also if you ease him slowly into his daycare environment then go for it!

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I'm in beauty school 1 night a week from 5:30-9:30pm to become a nail technician and it's been great! Going back to school is a good thing. It's not selfish at all. Do what is best for your family and yourself. Good luck!

Emily - posted on 07/23/2012




If you have the means to go to school, go for it. I have two children and I wish I would have went as soon as I could, now I'm 23 and half way to my bachelors. Take it slow if you need to because every day you do something toward your goal, it's one day closer to having what you want. Good luck!

Toni - posted on 07/22/2012




Going back to school is a great idea. It is not selfish at all. It is a way to help secure a future career, which in turn will be hugely beneficial for your child as you will have a secure income.
I am currently looking into more schooling, but Im having trouble finding something I can study that I am interested in.
Good luck and have fun :)

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