baby blues!!!!!

Jade - posted on 03/01/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hiya im jade im 19 yrs old and my son is 18 months old, i get very upset and cry when he screams he can't talk yet so he communicates with screams and winges. Like i tried giving him a bath about 20 mins ago, and he just screamed at me and wouldn't let me touch him or anything. It's as if he's in that terrible two's stage. I feel like he knows which buttons to press i feel like im a bad mam because i shout alot. I'm a single mam and don't have time to do anything unless he's in bed. Anyone else going through or gone through that can help me please. xxx


Aleashia - posted on 03/01/2010




Well i can tell you first hand that by you getting upset it will set the baby off.My mom used to have to just take my son and tell me to go outside for a min,i know sometimes it's hard to find even a min to yourself.At the age of 18 months your son is old enough to express how he is feeling but he doesn't do it properly because you dont.Babies sense everything and if you feel uneasy you better believe your baby feels ten times worse then you.Bath time should be fun and relaxing and i f you aren't ready to relax and give him a bath then he wont be ready to either.I know what it is like being alone with the your child all the time but if you have a play pen you need to use it and just go out of ear shot of your baby,that is not neglect or abuse because your baby is perfectly safe.Sometimes just getting away for two min without the crying can give you enough energy to just go back inside and talk to him calmly.No one has all of the answers,you are growing together and just like any relationship it will get stronger and better with time.Just remember how much you love him,that really helps and knowing that no one can make theri baby happy all the time does too.You sound like a strong girl who can do anything she puts her mind to,and im sure this little problem will get better and you'll have much worse problems to look forward to in the future,once the back talking starts it's all up hill,lol.

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