Back labor?

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I wouldn't compare it to period pains at all... there really is no way to explain HOW it feels. Just know that when it's over, you wont remember the pain! just how beautiful your baby is and how happy you are!!!
I had back labor, it was basically like a REALLY BAD back ache. like you bent over carrying something really heavy. Many hospitals offer massage therapists for women with back labor. If you get into that much pain, or are in labor for along time, try asking if there is a massage therapist that can come release some of your stress from your back, leg muscles, and face.

Cami - posted on 07/08/2009




i had decent period cramps, they werent too bad, but nothing compared to contractions, and back labor feels like a big hard ball is pushing on your spine from the inside. It hurts but hey they have pains meds for that. And they would not have created the epidural if you werent supossed to use it. But thats up to you dear. Im due August 17th, so someone in the world will be going through it with you!! lol...... Good Luck

Nicole - posted on 07/08/2009




period pains are a way of saying it but nothing to compare to it. it hurts alot. think of it as 9 months of peirod pain at once. i think that about it. but medicine sure do the trick wonders.

Kayla - posted on 07/08/2009




I went into labour by my wayer breaking; contractions started 5 minutes apart right away. It was very painful back labour. He was facing the wrong way, came out face up, so his head was causing the back labour. It was pretty intense pain that was hard to find relief from. My boyfriend had to massage my back and put strong counter pressure and it was still really painful. I had laughing gas and an extremely hot water bottle for pain relief, no epidural. It was manageable but still the most painful thing I've ever felt. My period doesn't cause me too much pain either so I guess that's no indication. You could just have a high pain tolerance or your cramps aren't too intense, it's hard to tell realyly. It took 3 hours to push him out and he got stuck because he came out facing up; had bruising and a conehead but otherwise fine; he is a healthy 4 month old now and I would do it all again.

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I am due on aug 15! The thing is people keep telling me its like strong menstrual pains but the thing is whne i got my menstrual pains when i had my monthlys they were just really achy but menstrual pains never bothered me just always achy! so im confused..will they be painful or will my contractions be something i can handle since my menstrual pains never bothered me...if that makes sense

Leah - posted on 07/08/2009




hi, i had back labour, i went into slow labour at 5 in the morning and then into proper labour 7 in the evening, i could handle the achy back till 7 but then the pain got to strong for me to handle, but all it felt like was a period pain thats the only way i can describe it lol but wen i went into proper labour my pains wer so strong becouse my daughter was back to back, the nurse said thats why my pains was so bad.

i hope everythink goes ok for you..:)

wen are u due..?


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