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My ten month old has developed some separation anxiety. Everytime I put him on the ground to play he won't sit and just screams and I can't leave the room without a tantrum. I have done EVERYTHING all the health nurses and day care teachers have advised and nothing is working. Anyone got some great ideas????


Alexa - posted on 05/04/2010




Try taking steps to do so. It is going to take a couple weeks but try a plan something along these lines..
- Days 1-3... Set him down on the floor with toys and play with him and talk to him.
- Days 4-6... Set him on the ground with toys and show them to him then leave him on the ground and but do something around that room that you are in and keep talking to him while he is on the ground encourage the toys.
Days 7-10... Set him on the ground with toys and do something in the room like clean up a little then exit the room for a minute or two to get something and return (make sure the room is child proof and safe). When you come back into the room be positive and encourage him and say hi to him again and be excited to see him.

I only have an 11 week old but I have nephews and friends babies that have been through the same thing. I also have been reading a lot of books! One that I highly recommend is "Happiest toddler on the block" - Harvey Karp , M.D. I read the happiest baby on the block and it explained so much that I think the happiest toddler on the block would really help answer a lot of questions as well. Also it might take a little longer to accomplish all the steps so you can always add a few days or even take away a day in each step depending on how you think he is catching on. I know kids love to be reassured though so make sure you tell him he is alright!

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Shiloh - posted on 05/04/2010




just set him down with some toys and if that does not help just walk out of the room. it sounds mean but it helps him realize you cant hold on to him n be there 24/7 soon he should be able to handle it it just takes time. my son was like that when he started walking he wouldnt let me put him down a lot now he wants to be down. he follows me a lot but he still doesnt have to be held unless he is in pain or tired or hungry (but now we have a better high chair so hes cool with that now.

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