Help! My 2 Year Old Still Isnt Sleeping Thru Nyt!! :(

Gemma - posted on 02/23/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hiya, My daughter who is nearly two isnt sleeping thru nyt n I feel like Ive tried everytin but nuffin works!..plzz help..Im knackered! :(


Kyrie - posted on 02/26/2009




Hi Gemma, I have always had a strict routine when it comes to bedtime in my house, dinner at 4.30, bath at 5.15, bedtime drink at about 5.45 and bed for the youngest at 6 pm. I found that if the girls were to over stimulated they didnt want to sleep, if they knew the television was still on or if some one new was in the house they would kick off at bedtime so simply did 'wind down time' from bathtime to bedtime, which is just quiet, low stimulant activities like reading, drawing or simply talking about our day. I noticed aswell that if there was even just a slight change to their routine i would have problems come bedtime so always try to keep to the routine,even if it is just for bedtime. My youngest, who is just 2, has on occasion woken up during the night for a bum change, drink or just a cuddle but i try not to give her too much attention when she does this. If she wakes up after 10 pm, i do go to her but do not give eye contact, say very little and ALWAYS leave the light off! If she wakes for a bum change, i change her in her bedroom(yes in the dark,lol), if she wants a drink i give her half a sippy cup full of water and tell her its sleep time now and i never ever pick her up if she asks me to because thats her way of getting out of bed! Yes, there are times where she will really kick off and scream bloody murder from her room but if i know she isn't in need of anything and isnt in any danger i simply leave her to cry. I know to some this may seem a bit harsh, leaving her to cry but sometimes its the only way to make her realsie that what she is doing is wrong. She is old enough to say no to me when i ask her to do something, is old enough to know when she is doing wrong so in my veiw is old enough to be left to cry instead of getting her own way and getting up of a night time. The best advice i can give you really is come up with a strict bedtime routine that u and your daughter can stick to, and when she does wake of a night time try not to give in and let her stay awake. Try to keep communication to a minimum and be strong with her, if she cries out for you, try to ignore her, even just for 10 minutes so she can learn that even though your always there for her and want to concole her but will not satnd for the bedtime wakings. And whatever you do, dont get into the habit of letting her sleep in your bed if she wakes up late at night coz i did that and it took the twins just 2 nights to twig that if they woke up late enough they could get in mummies bed and took me a few weeks to break this habit.

Well, i hope this helps, even just a little, good luck and remember your not being nasty by not giving in!

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