I'm 19 and pregnant and have no one to relate to or hangout with anymore.

Alexis - posted on 06/02/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi I'm Alexis living in Lexington, ky. All my old girlfriends are partiers and don't really like just hanging around with me anymore since my life has dramatically changed compared to theirs. I have a great boyfriend who i love to be with but I need genuine friends. I'm finding it difficult to find people to relate with and I don't know what to do? And of course with all my hormones I'm basically crying all the time because I feel so lonely :( HELP PLEASE


Louise - posted on 06/03/2012




Listen Alexis when your little one is born you wont have time to be lonely. Once the baby has had his/her vaccinations then join a mother and baby group in your area where you will meet mums of all different ages. Keep going each week and soon you will form a friend base. It is a lonely job being a mum no matter what age at times and it is important you make the effort to find other mums to bond with.

You are never alone Alexis COM are always here to listen and support! (((HUGS)))

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User - posted on 06/05/2012




Hi Alexis, I went through the exact same thing! I had my baby girl at 19 well a month before my 20th birthday, and I had a few friends but after my daughter was born I didnt have anyone, friends just drifted off, I moved an hour away from home and none of my friends would come visit and when I did come home to visit they were all "busy" and I don't believe its true, yes you will be busy with your baby (depending on the baby) I had lots of time my daughter was SO GOOD she hardly cried slept alot and by the time she was almost two months she was sleeping through the night, I had lots of time to myself in which I spent it crying from loneliness. It does get better, but you HAVE to make an effort to meet mommies on your own and make friends that you can relate too. It may be hard but it will get better, and do NOT forget to take some time to yourself when you need it. Having that time to yourself to relax is important.

I hope everything gets better for you! you will make some good new friends!

Amanda - posted on 06/04/2012




I definitely know how you feel. I went to college an hour away from home, started drifting away from friends. Got married and moved to Maryland, lost more friends. Moved to OK, only had one friend in contact with me from home and I had my son. I didn't really make any friends in OK other than work friendships because I was not able to relate to anyone either. Either all of them were older, or none had kids, so we could never make friends. It is definitely hard not having friends or people to talk to about things, but in time, you will have those people. When your friends get pregnant and start having kids, I will bet you anything that they will be coming back to you for advice and to be friends again because they will realize that they have no one to relate to other than you. I live in California now, and all the people I talk to back in Pennsylvania where I'm from all have kids; the ones that don't have kids, we don't talk because we can't relate. I hate it, but its reality. When you start a family, ALOT changes, but you start to realize what is most important and that is your child and doing whatever you need for them. Just keep your head up, and you will find people in time.

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