My daughter wont let me wash her hair at all , need tips and help?? her hair stinx

Therese - posted on 11/03/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




Hi i really need help with my daughter she just wont let me wash it what so ever ive treid babies no tears and tried the cups that fit around there head so it doesnt get in her eyes and its gotten that bad 4 me to wash it i have 2 pin her in between my legs in the shower and wash it while she screams the house down and then after it all she does not get a drop in her eyes and says 2 me "that was ok it didnt hurt" but then next time she just kicks and screams again?? what on earth can i do its just unbeleivebley insane her hair is always lookin like she is a street kid and has knots and starts 2 smell because she refuses and if i try and hold her she has started running out of the shower with shampoo in her hair and wont get bak in 2 wash it out so u can just imagine how hard and frustrating it all is !!

please help me???


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Stevena - posted on 12/23/2009




Lol, I hope this doesnt come off as 'mean' or 'rude' but why dont you tell her that if she doesnt let you wash it, youre going to shave her head and she can walk around looking like a little boy? Lol. I dont know -- I think that would work for me if I was a little girl. You got to be a stern in such a situation.

Christina - posted on 11/19/2009




have her wear a pair of goggles (the ones she would wear in the pool). that should fix the problem. then she cant say that you get water in her eyes and it should make bath time fun too

Wallisha - posted on 11/16/2009




My 3 yr old son went through a phase a bit like this, i know its probably not the same cos he's not a girl with long hair, but hes a lil greek hairy boy with thick hair n he's problem is he worries about the water going near his eyes.. so now we sing a song for everything we do, and you'll probably know it... "this is the way we ?"wash"? our hair.....etc or this is the way we put on our clothes, put on our clothes....etc.... b4 we go to school" I'm sure you get my drift.
Songs work with him lol it depends on your child, & i dont really like to trick or lie to him.

Allie - posted on 11/14/2009




my 3yr old and 1yr old both had this problem with my 3yr old i encouraged him to try an wash it and i just help him out tell him he missed a spot etc etc and now he thinks its a game ill point to his hair or body part and tell him its dirty and thats not good, and with my 1yr old i sang and talked to her to keep her entertained, forcing her to wash her hair isnt going to help any lol i learned that with my son it just made him not want to do it even more and scared him. if that doesnt work try bath toys, wash her or let her wash herself then reward her with the bathtub toys lol my kids have figured out if they dont get clean they dont get the toys ;) good luck

Ashley - posted on 11/14/2009




i really wouldnt know what to tell you my daughter just turned two and is the same way she wont even let me brush it... thank god she doesnt have long long hair yet but as her hair grows it will only be worse ... i would love to know these answers too

Tiffany - posted on 11/13/2009




Hello! I actually usest to have that same problem with my year old. What i did and it helped is I would play with her with the wash rag, like peek a boo or something like that. Then i'd wash her body then put the shampoo on the rag and wash her hair with the rag. If the doesnt work u can maybe ask her to wash your hair and as shes washing your tell her how fun and good for your hair it is. Tell her thats how girls get their long preety hair. than ask her if should would like to wash her and then help her.

Sarah - posted on 11/12/2009




try puttig the baby shampoo on a brush and brushing her hair in the tub... then take a washcloth damp and running it over her hair until the soap is out... time consuming yes but it may work... also let her wash your hair and laugh and giggle as if its the best thing.... you could also get those squrty animals and put soapy water in them and spraying her hair.... If none of those things work then have someone who has a little girl same age or a little older come over and let them wear bathing suits and play in the water ... then wash the other girls hair and ask ur daughter dont you want to be like so and so and be pretty and clean??? reward her for every effort she makes to continue progress!! GOOD LUCK!!

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