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Mallory - posted on 01/21/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I should've seen this coming but it still shocked me to see that he was saying *ahem* rude things about me. My mom did a little digging and cleared my name with a girl he was speaking to about me and then he sent her an email saying how awkward I make him feel when he comes to see Emma. I admit that I don't like him. It was a one night deal. But when he and his mother come over to our home my sister and I resume business as usual which includes ignoring them and letting them have time with Emma.
He complains about lack of money yet he goes to concerts and it seems like he has Starbucks with every meal yet he can't afford gas to drive the 45 minutes to come see his child? He has no real rights to her but I haven't asked him for anything and I've allowed him to come see her. He choose not to sign the birth certificate and won't pay for the DNA test which HIS family initiated and now they're billing ME.
How should I react to the harsh comments and stupidity?


Krystal - posted on 01/22/2009




Hi, I think that you should stand your ground and dont let them push you around.Brush their coments off cause at the end of the day  it  really doesnt matter what  they think.You should care more about what your daughter thinks of you and what type of future you want for the two of you. They seem to be immature people who are more concerned about themselves then the poor lil girl that is caught in the middle.And that is the saddest part.You need to stay strong for your daughter cause she is gonna feed off of your emotion.You dont need her to always be crying and upset because mommy is crying and upset.You want her to be happy.Hold your head up high and keep being a great mommy to your lil girl.I dont know where you live but you should go to your local court house and talk to someone about your options in this matter.No matter what there needs to be a dna test and once you find out the results you can go from there.Dont get caught up in all the drama.Everything will work out in the end even if you dont think so right now.If you need to talk dont hesitate on messaging me.I have a lil girl myself and her name is Cailey.She is almost 11 months old.Good luck with everything!

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