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I reallllly badly wanna get a job but i dnt kno about leaving my daughter with a babysitter. she is 7 months old now and its time... i HAVE to get a job. but i dnt kno if i should trust if a daycare will tend to her as i need them to or treat her bad or wat i am sooo confused on wat to do. All i kno is i have to get a job... r there any working mommies out there that can help me motivate to get a job?

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i got a list of in home daycares from dhs i LOVE my sons day care lady she is awesome

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I went back to work when my son was 10 weeks old because we needed the income. I asked my friends if they reccomend any daycares and lucky for me their kids all went to the same one. I enrolled my son there and it was the best decision ever!!! They were open to my million questions and always respect my opinion and if I say no they will never force me or my child to do anything that we don't feel comfortable to do. I say talk to other mums you know that work and see what daycare they recommend

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When you go looking for daycares, see what kind of licenses they have, what the ratio of children to adult is, and maybe talk to some other moms that use the daycare about how they and their kids like it. When you've got it narrowed down to one or two most of them will allow you to spend a few hours there, see how the days go, what kind of things they do, etc. Ask what kind of methods they use for discipline, and make sure they answer whatever other questions you might have. Usually home daycares are cheaper, but if you want the best care consistently it's better to use an institutionalized daycare or whatever they're called, as they're generally better trained. Good luck!

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