not sure what to put in my hosital bag :S

Hayley Louise - posted on 08/21/2009 ( 17 moms have responded )




im being induced in 17 days with my first how do they do it and what have i got to take into hospital with mew ?? x

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Anniken Beate - posted on 08/29/2009




The others have mentioned the most
but i wanted to add; bring a camera and take TONS of pictures
you will sit after a month and miss the situation and want to have as much memories as you can.
so take as many pictures / films you can take.

also pen and paper is nice to have to take notes on things (or have someone else do it)
tak notes on when you came, when you got the picton, when water broke, how many cm and what time, etc
its nice to have
i regret now remembering that

Jennifer - posted on 08/28/2009




Forsure bring your own shanpoo and conditioner, the hospital wont have any. And the tooth past sucks. You wanna cloths for you and baby to come home in. Some comfy cloths for you to be comfy in after having baby. Make sure you have hair things to tie your hair up in. Slippers if you have any. And your favoret pillow!

Cleo - posted on 08/27/2009




I was induced with mine. I found their wraps too hard and unplyable so bring one of your own that has a little give. Also plenty of old undies you dont mind ruining, some clothes and nappies to bring the baby home in, some clothes and jamies for you (make sure they are comfy) your phone and its charger and mabey a drink bottle and deffinitely a nursing bra or 2 and toiletries.

Inducing isnt too bad, I was given a dose of prostin vaginally (is feels like a cervical exam) its a bit uncomfortable and awkward, then i was monitored by the band around my tummy. it worked for me after that but if it doesnt then they give you another dose like the first then if it still doesnt then they break your waters! Good luck.. I hope it works as well for you as it did for me!

Cayla - posted on 08/27/2009




Hey, well i will tell you what i all packed, and what i didnt end up using.

I packed underwear, and a nursing bra with breast pads


Slippers and a robe


diapers and wipes as well as clothes for baby

shampoo and soaps ( i had a private room so i had a shower and bath tub)

Pads (which i didnt use the hospital provided those)

I think thats about it :)

good luck hun!!!

Kendall - posted on 08/27/2009




lots of wipes and diapers i was suprised how many my baby went threw. i ran out and the nurses were a little pissed with me. i also brought a portable dvd player.. it gets really boring afterwards. oh and tooth brush and paste mouth gets so dry and gross from all the heavy breathing

Sara - posted on 08/27/2009




I had to be induced for my first, too. You get there early in the morning, get changed into a hospital gown, and they give you Pitocin via an IV in the arm once you're settled into your room. The doctor may break your water (pretty uncomfortable in a crampy sort of way). The staff expects you to go into active labor sometime in the late afternoon, around 4pm. Results do vary; I went into active labor around 12:30 pm, and my friend was in the hospital until 9pm and they told her to go home and they'd try again the next day! The down-side of induction is that contractions can start off pretty heavy, so you don't really have time to get used to the pain. I chickened out and went straight for the epidural. Epidurals are injected via an IV into the base of your spine. Once you get an epidural they insert a catheter so you don't pee everywhere. *Helpful hint: go to the bathroom before they give you the Pitocin! They won't even let you stand up to go pee, so get that out of the way. Also, if you're self-conscious about pooing in front of your delivery team, try to take care of that before you get the Pitocin. With an epidural, contractions feel an awful lot like the urge to poo. It took me an hour to realize that while I thought I was trying to hold back a BM, really I was ready to get the baby out!

Wishing you all the best, and hoping your birthing experience is stress-free and wonderful!!

Helen Katrina - posted on 08/23/2009




i was induces where they put something in my twat lol the night before and then broke my water in the morning... also with the bag, pack comfy clothes... i lived in pj's at the hospital, pads for both boobs and below, undies that you could just throw out and nursing bra.. also going home clothes... for baby like 4 or 5 jump suits (bring a couple of dif sizes just incase) nappies and wipes. blankies and going home clothes... also just random stuff like maybe a magazine, music, camera, phone w/ charger and toiletries including shampoo and conditioner!! hope this helps thats basically all i needed and i was in hospital for a week...xx

Maria - posted on 08/22/2009




I was induced they put medicine in my IV which made the contractions start quicker and they had to break my water for me.. I packed clothes for the baby to come home in, clothes for me, hairbrush, toothbrush and cosmetics, slippers, a blanket cause it gets cold in the hospital and stuff to do. the hospital mostly gives you everything you need as well so you dnt have to go crazy. I suggest you bring ur own robe cause the ones they have arent so good lol

Courtney - posted on 08/22/2009




lets see this is what i had.. a take home out fit for the baby, bib, a comfy gown for you to change in to once your out of delievery cause thoughs things they give you are uncomforatble. cotton full butt underwear.. very comfortable socks, clothes to go home in, clothes for your spouse.. i forgot that lol snacks change and camera.. deoderant, soap shampoo makeup if you would like..

Amber - posted on 08/21/2009




dont bring your own nightgown, robe, blankets, or underwear unless you can throw it all away. whatever it is you will wear will get nasty! the hospital provides everything you will need as far as that stuff goes. if you want to walk around the hospital, ask for a second gown to put on like a robe so your backside wont show :)

Jesi - posted on 08/21/2009




for your outfit home bring a maturity outfit, you wont be able to fit into your old clothes just yet

Chelsea - posted on 08/21/2009




They induce you by giving you an iv and give you medicing to get everything going. The contractions will start pretty soon after. They will probably have to break your water, too. I would bring two or three pairs of pjs. An outfit to go home in (bring maternity clothes.. you won't be in regular clothes yet), bring an outfit for the baby to go home in, nursing bras, breast pads, your bathroom stuff, and if you can bring a few movies and/or cds. Bring some stuff to do like books or puzzle books.

[deleted account]

dont forgett to pack maternity pads (THE YUK BIG ONES LOL) the hospital should give u some but its always handy to have lots... i packed a six pack of apple juice poppers they gave me crushed ice so i made yummi slurpees to suck on to help my dry mouth!! dont forget some personal things like ur fav perfume :) i took my triangle pillow it helps with keeping baby high for breast feeding!! i also was induced there are a few ways ... i had the drip that the attatched me too its inducment fluid that speeds up the labour they just put a same needel thing that stays in ur hand n they attatch it to the liquid... then they monitor ur contractions.... im not sure where u are from but in australia we have three types of pain releaf.... first they offered me gas that u get from sucking on a tube with qxygeine and the gas stuff... really helped with not feeling contractions but made me start to halusinante n throw up then they have pethadine then the epidural... i just had gas and the eppi... all ended up going smothely ... good luck babe just remember u are a strong woman and u can handle any situation if u put ur mind to it :) and as soon as u no it u will be holding ur amazing little baby

Kate - posted on 08/21/2009




hey.. i was stayd in hostipal for 5 days. i packed enough clothes , comfy clothes easy to breastfed in , nursing pads maternity pads clothes for baby wipes (nappies were supplied) phone charger camera n charger , tolietries , rope .. and then if u want any thing to bring with u when your in labour.. all i brang was a cd with music and river and animal noises and what not.. didnt listen to it much but when i was having contractions at first it helpd me to focus on something while i was breathing in and out tryn not to scream

Kc - posted on 08/21/2009




i found the list to be not helpful as i didnt need everythin

the main things i found were comfy clothes like trackies nursin bra/pads like 3-4 suits for baby old cotton undies or ones you dont mind ruining pads a dummy if you want to you one a camera mayb a robe?

mayb mittens for baby

a cute outfit to take baby home in

depending on thehosp nappies and wipes

i think thats all i remember hopefully this helps

if you get stuck ask the midwife for list maybe


also i packed gatoraide for during labour really helped

Caitelyn - posted on 08/21/2009




your hospital should ave given you a list, if they havent, call them and ask them. each hospital has different lists, so its best to find out directly from them.

Ashley - posted on 08/21/2009




bring an outfit to bring the baby home in, some underwear you dont mind ruining, nursing bra, cell phone charger, a robe if you want one, some pjs, and clothes to wear home (i just wore my pjs home lol) good luck!!!

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