odd birthng experiance

Marina - posted on 12/30/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




hi my name is marina and im 18

on dec 2 i had my little girl. she wasnt due until dec26.

on dec 2 i had a doc appt to get the group b strep test and i waited in the waiting room for about 2 hours. when i went in to see the doc she asked if id had any bleeding or contractions like they always do and i said no beccause i hadnt. so she did the test and asked if i had any concerns. i told her that i was only nervous that my fiance would nt be here for the birth. so she decided to check me and she was confused and asked if i was sure that i wasnt having contractions. it turns out i was 8 cm dialated. she sent me to the hospital down the street and i called my dad. once i got to the hospital about 5 mins later thye checked me again and told me i was at 9 cm,. this was at 4:22 pm. they told me i was having contractions every 2-3 mins. at around 7 pm they broke my water and at 7:21 pm on dec 2 my liliana was born. 18.5 inches and 6lbs 6oz. shes absolutely perfect.

i kno this isnt common. my cousin/godsister was down the hall had been there dec1 7ish pm and had her son dec 2 at 10:35 pm

so did anyone elses labor go the way mine did?

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Jade - posted on 12/31/2009




well i am only 17 now i had my little boy at 15 and i was only 7 months pregnant at the time and i woke at 4.30 am with a slight pain in my tummy and actually thought i was hungry so i got something eat and went back to sleep woke up again around 10 an the pain was still there but only a little bit worse so i said to myself im only 7 months so they are probably braxton hicks contraction so i ignored them all day till 4pm in the afternoon till i finally went to a doctor to get checked and he told they were braxton hick contractions so i sat back ad felt i really needed to pee so i went to the toilet in the surgery an nothing so i came out and same thing happened so i went in and out thinking i had pee about 3-4 times ad then i couldnt sit down as there felt like alot of pressure so then the did and examination and i was 8cm dialated and 2 mins later my waters broke and got to the hospital that normally takes half an hour and we got there with in 15 mins got in to the birthing suite and then leveled out the beds to move me from the ambo bed to hospital bed so they id that and said ok we are ready to move you now and all i said was wait a second and he was out born a 5:27pm friday the 15th of august 2008 all natarual no drugs whatsoever.he weighed 1.3kgs and 38.5cm in length was kept in hospital for 8 weeks only weighing 2.2kgs whe he came home and even 000000 wouldnt fit him, but he is now 16 months old and very healthy. he is my little angel and i couldnt ask for anything more he is my life

Raewyn - posted on 12/30/2009




hah stangely enuf that kinda how mine happend i had mi lil gurl 2 days b4 her due date..the nite b4 i thought i may b havn contractions but becuz they didnt reli hurt i dint think it was n e ting then i went to c my midwife the day after 4 a cheak up and all that and she had a look and id dilated 6cm alreadi withowt me knwing then 5hours later it was all over.i ended up havin a water birth wasnt planned but made things so much easier didnt need n e pain releif just da odd gas here and there haha

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