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im 19 years old and have a beautifau baby girl... i fell pregnant when i was 18 and had her a month before i turned 19... i have been through alot in the past 18 months, even before i was pregnant, boyfriend issues with his ex still being around and then falling pregnant just as i was old enough to start my partying years.. i feel like crap all the time and i dont know where i would be at if it wasnt for my daughter. My mother in law says i need to o talk to someone and my friend wants to take me to the doctors... i feel like the doctor is going to say that i have postnatal depression and i feel ashamed... i dont know where to start so i figured someone on here would give me some advice... thanks heaps xx

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Caroline - posted on 04/24/2009




dont be ashamed. its ok. your friends and family are only trying to help. they love and care for you. it is common for women to become depressed after giving birth it is a hormonal thing so im told. I had it really bad after my last baby. I was crying all the time. now that I loolk back on some of the situations it is kind of comical. you will get through this. it is ok to talk about it especially to your doctor. he/she can help you. dont be afraid to ask for help. its a wonderful gift to get help from friends and family.(and besides that is what your doctor is there for) hope you feel better soon. best wishes and congats on the babe! :)

Krissy - posted on 04/24/2009




I kinda know exactly what your going thru the same thing happened to me but i was 4 months pregnant on my 18th birthday. So i didnt get to go to the pub for my 18th but what made it worse was that my family went out after the dinner thing we had.

Don't feel ashamed about postnatal depression one in every 10 women get it. I have postnatal depression, some days are better than others. Some things that have helped me on bad days is going for a walk with bub in the pram, i find this has a number of benefits, the whole endorphins thing about exercise, i'm exercising so therefore maybe losing a bit of weight which will in the long run make my body look better, but also i find that my little boy sleeps so much better if he has a day out in the fresh air.

Hope this helps.

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