Research Query - Ahem Teenage mothers :) i would like your help

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Okay so I had this post up before but it got removed by the community administrator sooo i had to ask Herna before posting it again. I know lots of people tried to help but unfortunatly i can't actually recover the replies i got.. so im back to the beginning.

i was told to tell you about myself so basically this is the lowdown on me :) I'm 17... & unfortunatly i dont have a beautiful baby like you girls

my purpose of this is to send questionnaires to teenage mothers for contribution to my project. It is for my year 12 class assessment in Community and Family Studies. I am from Australia and I do not know exactly the equivalent of it is where all you live, but it goes toward the highest level of education you can recieve in

secondary school.

The project itself is an independent research project which gives students a choice to Study an area of personal interest

My topic question for the assignment is "how do the physical social and emotional implications of teenage pregnancy affect a young woman wellbeing and quality of life?"

All information I recieve from the mothers in the community group is annonymous and is for research purposes only.

I loved hearing from you before because i love that everyone is so proud of their beautiful bubbies :) despite what people think of them and their age.

arghh this assignment is due in 12 days so thankyou times infinity to any participants :) lol

This link takes you straight to the survey if you want to help (pretty pretty please lol)

CLICK!! :)


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