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Im in need of ideas to help my 9 month old son to sleep through the night again. Hes getting more teeth, and wanting to sleep with me through the whole night, I dont mind sometimes but I always worry if my blanket,pillow, etc is smothering him so I try not to have him sleep with us for a long time. I was told to feed him 'Alot' before going to bed, but Im not sure if I like that idea. Im breast feeding, and my son is not really that interested in baby food or rice cereal. Hes eats it as a 'treat' maybe a couple bites but then he wants to nurse.

Any ideas???


Sarah - posted on 05/15/2010




I have the same problem. My son refuses to sleep through the night sometimes. So I decided that during the day he stays up except for 1 nap. That way when he falls asleep at night he is tired and doesn't seem to wake up that often. He usually is out by 10:30 and up by 6:30-7. I tried the baby food and it's a great way for him to fall asleep but eveer since he cut his first tooth he won't sleep and then he gets cranky.

Sorry, that was random. But I would try no/to little naps during the day and playing with him until he is super tired. Best of luck.

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