sleeping and nap time.

Louise - posted on 09/13/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son was 3 years old in march and still has naps, he doesnt reallly need them tho as he can easily last the whole day, when waking u at 7am till about 8pm. BUTTT here is the problem.....if we dont give him his nao and let him last night whole day as we want to go to bed early or for playschool he will wake up constantly at night crying from dreaming as hes always saying someone is there and thinknig someone is touching him, he has suffered from night terrors alot before but once i changed the room furniture around he was fine but now if seem like this only happens when he doesnt have his nap but big school is fast approaching so i reallly dont know waht to do.....any suggestions are reallly welcome!! you guys helped me with the night terrors so i hope you can help me with this one too :)


Esmeralda - posted on 09/13/2010




My little sister (she is also 3)used to have nightmares a lot. What we did was we got her this big blue bear and told her that it would protect her from all her bad dreams. We would pray together every night before bed and she would sleep with the bear next to her. It worked really well for us. I think the combination of her bear and the prayers worked really well. Just a suggestion you might want to try.

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