thinkin about college... need help?

Brittany - posted on 04/17/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




I finished high school almost a year ago... and have just stayed at home with my daughter... i just got a part time job at a day care center where I can take her with me... but i want to do more with my life... but im worried about how my daughter will b taken care of if i decide to go to school... i know her life will be better if i get a degree... but i dont even know what i want to major in... i need help... not sure which way to go


Jane - posted on 04/17/2011




I say definitely go to college, but look around to figure out what you want to be able to do for the next 30 years or so of your life. You might also consider whether you want to go right now or wait a year to give you time to bond further with your daughter and save up tuition money.

Something to consider is that our local community college has a daycare facility on campus for students and teachers. I am sure it isn't the only one. This is something to look at when choosing a school as it would give you a safe, affordable and convenient place for your daughter while you are in class.

I suggest a community college for other reasons. They offer two-year degrees so you aren't tied in to a four-year stint in case you find you don't want to do it or can't right now. Community colleges (or junior colleges) are generally far less expensive per semester or quarter than four-year colleges. Community college staff have no requirement to do research - their job is to teach, so often teaching is better than at a four-year school. Community colleges are aimed at "non-traditional students," students who have day jobs, students returning to college after time away from school, and students like you who have other responsibilities. And finally, community colleges can give you an associates degree in a number of fields that can get you into a reasonable job right after graduation, giving you a chance to build up savings before you go for more college.

As to picking a major: the first thing to do is make a list of the things you like to do. For example, if you love to cook, a degree in Culinary Sciences would be an idea. If you love to dress up or do hair, then fashion marketing or beautician. If you liked history in high school, would you want to be a history teacher? Do you like taking care of others? Then a medical area might be what you need. Look at any classes that you found to be easy and fun in high school and explore what sorts of jobs can be found in those fields.

Often, once you are enrolled in a college there is a career office that can help you pin down what you want to do. The first year or two of college is often a fairly general track anyway, where you take things like English, classes that are required of everybody. You can wait to take specific courses later if you want. That should give you time to figure out which way you want to go.

Good luck! You are correct that both you and your daughter will have a better life if you get a college degree. You can do it! It won't be easy but it will be worth it.

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Christina - posted on 07/04/2011




Well, if you are worried about a long term commitment, look into trade schools. I enrolled into nursing school when I was 18yrs old being a single mom to an 8mnth old. It took me a year to finish, and it was a hard year! Best decision I made. I"m now 28yrs old, have five kids, been divorced and remarried. If I didn't have a degree in something, my children and I would be living in poverty. It is smart to secure your child's future. Even if you are married to the daddy, you should still get an education. Nothing is guaranteed in life. Your husband could leave, die, or become disabled. You want to be able to support your family if you have to.

Lynn - posted on 07/04/2011




You could still work at the day care during the day and go to school at night, or online (convenient, but it can be expensive). That's what I did. As you start taking your general ed classes, you may find some that you like more than others, and that will help you to choose a major. You may even change majors, so don't worry about making such a big decision yet. I really love child dev and psychology, and have worked in preschools, after-school care and have had my own preschool for 15 years now. You do need classes to work with kids, and admin classes to be a director, if that's something you'd like to do. You don't need a degree, depending on different states, but you do need a certain number of credits and ongoing education like first aid and CPR training. The hardest part is getting started. You should get a course catalog and start looking at which classes interest you, and are held on days and times that work for you. I always took one class I enjoyed every semester (child dev or psych), and I class I didn't like (math, science) and maybe one I thought was okay (history, speech). By balancing my schedule, I found it helped to keep me motivated to continue. Don't start of with a bunch of classes you don't like, because you might feel bored or discouraged. Summer classes are a great time to take classes you don't like. You have to go more often, more days a week, but you get it over with faster.

There are lots of online schools, and some are better than others. If you choose to do that, make sure you look into do they require group projects, what support they have from the teachers if you have questions, can you ask other classmates for help? Lots of online schools have technical issues (my aunt teaches at one and my sister just completed her Bachelor's) so you need to find out what they school will do if you can't turn in your assignments due to a computer program problem. (It happens a lot). Try to submit assignments early, if you can, to avoid that. Some people just really need to be in a classroom with other students and see the teacher face to face to stay on track and complete the classes, so just really think about what is right for you. You can usually put off making the payments until you graduate, but make sure you can afford them because it isn't cheap.

Kristen - posted on 04/19/2011




Consider your family in what ever it is you decide to do. I also work a part time job I am able to bring my daughter to but I am a full time student. I work during the day and her dad or my mom watch her while I go to class. If your child is with someone you trust then it relieves the stress of worrying that your child isnt being taking care of properly.

Mariah - posted on 04/17/2011




I have been taking online classes going on two years now, and I'll be getting my associate's degree in August. This method has been better for me because I am able to complete my assignments at my convenience and I don't have to leave the comfort of my own home. I am able to attend class at what ever time I choose. Having a child can cut into the schedule; so this really helps me out. I do hear a lot of people say that online classes are harder, but I don't think so - I LOVE IT!! I attend the University of Phoenix &&they have more than enough resources. Quick & Easy.

April - posted on 04/17/2011




It's great that your considering to go to college. It will make life easier for you and your daughter. Take time to think about what you want to do and think about what makes you happy. This will help you choose what type of course you want to take up and it will make you excited to finish it.

Don't worry about leaving your daughter for awhile while your at school, just think about it this way, everything that you are doing is for her. Think about how much more you can give her with a degree and how much more opportunities will pop up.

I know it's hard to leave your daughter but sometimes we have to do somethings in life that are although hard will help us move forward. Good luck with everything :)

Sarah - posted on 04/17/2011




It sounds like you have some time to figure out what you want to do first :)
Definitely go to college, but take some time to figure out who you are and what you want to be first :)
Maybe go at the start of next year and take this year to save up some money and enjoy your daughter while she's little :)
In another year, leaving her might not be so hard on you and you will be able to concentrate better and not have to worry.
You can also do certain courses online i'm pretty sure if you decide you want to :)
I'm finishing high school online and then i will be doing a photography course, probably online too.
Good luck!

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