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Well, I started dating this guy last year. He was amazing. The kind of guy that just makes you get butterflies every time you talk to him. We met through mutual friends and hit it off immediately. He was from NC and I was from KY. Well, after my friend did a slip of a number we started talking. Every night I would get home from work and he would call me. We'd stay on the phone all night just listening to each other breathe. After 3 weeks we made it official and started dating. I finally made a trip to NC and it was... my favorite moment of time I'm pretty sure. When our eyes met and we finally got to see the person behind the voice (again) it was love. After I went home we were inseparable. He came to KY every weekend to see me.

One day I was at work and everyone kept saying -August, I think your pregnant. I didn't believe them. Weeks and weeks later I took a pregnancy test. It was positive. I had no idea what to do. I was devastated. See the thing is I hadn't slept with him. That means the baby was my ex's. It was a curse and a blessing. I called him up and told him the news. He didn't talk to me for a few hours because he was crying so hard. I told him if he wanted he could leave me. It wasn't his responsibility to take care of us. He laughed at me. He was raised without a dad and didn't want that for my baby. 2 days later I had a doctors appointment and you better believe he took the day off to drive up there for it. Dustin has been by my side ever since.

At 3 months I got extremely sick. I had to be hospitalized for dehydration and put on IVs. My doctor later decided that bed-rest was the best decision for me and the baby. I had horrible sickness the entire pregnancy EVERY DAY. I was hospitalized on a regular basis after that. Well, obviously not being able to work means that I cant make any money. Meaning I cant pay my bills. I called Dustin and told him I didn't know what I was going to do. He did the only thing he knew. Dustin sold his dirt bike, sold his ps3, sold his Xbox 360, and all his toys he had earned over the years. He drove to KY and packed up all of my stuff. To NC we went. We lived in a hotel for a week before we finally got a duplex that we liked. He would go to work and then come home and take care of me. Dustin is the guy that holds me when I'm emotionally drained, he held my hair when I was puking, he felt every single kick, and helped decide on the perfect name for our baby. Being 3 months pregnant and extremely sick I didn't feel comfortable going to just any doctor. So, every time I had an appointment Dustin would take a day off and we would make a 5 hour drive to KY. Annoying but worth it.

6 months later it was baby time and who was there by my side? Dustin. Holding my hand with every push, he bawled like a baby the day our son was born and loves him unconditionally. Our son is a daddy's boy (most days) and my life is truly amazing. Dustin proposed to me a month after our son was born and were getting married next month (on our birthday!) I just wanted to let people know that there are still good guys out there and to keep looking. I thank God everyday for blessing me with someone like Dustin.

He is the MOST amazing man Ive ever met, the best father I've ever seen, and more generous/caring/loving person I can imagine. I cant wait to spend my life with him!

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Awh thanks everyone. I always here about dead beat dads and how single moms have to go through all these struggles alone- I just thought that it would be a good time to refill every ones faith that it can/will happen. A piece of advise for them is as long as you label EVERY man as a jerk/cheater/liar/dead beat that's all your ever going to get. Just let go and let it happen. I never thought that I would have kids, or get married, or anything remotely close because of being hurt so many times. The day I decided to just give up was the best thing I ever did. A month later there was Dustin. Dont go looking for love. It happens in the blink of an eye and when it does it makes every single struggle, heart break, and tear worth it!

I'm so proud to say that yes my sons biological dad is a dead beat because his "real dad" is a thousand times better than he ever could be!

Also Lisa I'm from Somerset (Pulaski Co.) Louisville is only like an hour away from me! Well when I lived in KY that is lol

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I am so happy for you! My pregnancy wasn't quite as bad as yours but I was constantly having morning sickness and lost 20 pounds from beig so sick. Dustin sounds like a great guy, and my husband, Brett drove me 4 hours to my doctors appointments in Louisville KY. We currently live in Western KY because that is where my husband and I both attend college. If you still lived in KY I would ask where, but you don't.. haha You are truley blessed and reading your story made my day!

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I'm happy for you! It's so good to hear of men taking good care these days; lots wouldn't bother. I too am fortunate enough to have a good man by my side and it really can make or break your day. I don't know what I would do without his support, we both work now, but I just recently ended maternity leave, and he makes sure to show his appreciation. When I wasn't working I didn't expect much (not that I expected nothing, just not as much as he does now) and he did what he could when he was home; which I of course appreciated. A couple of my girlfriends use him as an example to their boyfriends in efforts to get them changing more diapers. Now that I'm working though he's home alone all night (he works days, I work afternoons) he makes sure the house is as clean as he can get it by the time I get home. I love it!
Sometimes they just need a bit of encouragement - they like being appreciated; and I find when you make it known then they are more willing to help out.

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It's encouraging to know that real men still exist somewhere in the world. You're post just made my day brighter :D Hopefully I'll find someone just as kind and loving to myself and my child someday.

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I'm very happy for you. Your post made me cry. Lol. I have a great guy too. Not sure he'd take me to a whole other state to go to a doctor appointment, but he did take me to all mine. Lol...and yelled at me for doing too much when I was pregnant. And cooked for me even though I gagged every time the food came to my mouth. He is now a wonderful father...he enjoys our daughter so much even though he initially wanted a boy. He loves her so much. I think it's important for women to not settle for someone just because they're pregnant with their baby... That shouldn't keep someone from finding a person that truly makes them happy. Good for you =]

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