wrinkly stretch marks!

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hey girls!
i got to 40 weeks pregnant with no stretch marks. then in the 6 days i was overdue they were like BAM! so i was gutted! they are under my tummy button and are very light (not purple or red) but the problem is they are kind of wrinkley! my girl is a year old now will my skin ever firm up and smooth out? anyone else have this problem?

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Sarah - posted on 06/25/2010




mine are wrinkly too, im thinking the tummy tuck sounds awesome!!!! But in the mean time definately bio oil. My youngest is 18 months so i dont think theyre guna get any better naturally.

Roisin - posted on 06/25/2010




Mine have faded a bit....not a huge amount....but mine were very bad on my tummy!! The skin has firmed up a bit....but I did use creams and oils like bio oil too!

[deleted account]

Mine do that kinda too. I would get Bio Oil it is THE BEST thing I have ever used in my life. As far as the wrinkles there isn't much but a tummy tuck. I've really been debating one (years after I have 2 more kids) if mine doesn't fix it's self. It's from where our bodies were "shocked" from the stretching. Boo. Good Luck!

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