3.5 year old wetting bed. Do I go back to pull ups at night

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My little girl has been potty trained for a while now, but has been in pull ups at night, we have decided to take her out of pull ups, but last night she wet the bed twice... what do I do?


Shereese - posted on 02/01/2011




Before putting pull ups back on i would do a few things to see if they help first because going backward could shake confidence. I would stop giving liquids one hr before bedtime. Make sure she goes to the bathroom right before bed. Last and the hardest one, wake up half-way through the night and have her use the bathroom. I would also have a chat with her to see if there is anything else going on that might be bothering her emotionally as this can be a trigger too. Good luck but be comforted in knowing most of us have been through this too!

Michelle - posted on 01/29/2011




this is totally normal, you've got to remember a child reacts to whats going on round them at the time and if they are upset or something then they will wet the bed untill what ever is bothering them has calmed down, or iy could just be the weather and the child dont want to get out of bed to go toilet


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My 2.5 yr son only drinks milk after 5pm (prob about 16oz) and he never pees the bed. I know he did have juice before bed one night and he wet the bed. Try limiting there drinking earlier in the night. Hope this helps

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Just give it time, night traing can take a bit longer than during the day. My dd was day trained for a yr before she night trained! I thought I'd never see the day, lol. She would stay dry all night in a diaper but as soon as I'd try the panties she would wet the bed. It was like it was a mental thing for her. She always hated the diaper but knew she needed it. Every once in awhile she would ask for panties and we'd just deal w/the bed wetting b/c we didnt want her to feel that we didnt believe in her. And then all of a sudden she asked for them again and we praised her when she stayed dry and shes now been accident free for almost a month! Just send her potty before bed and tell her she can do it!

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I have two of those large pads (like the ones you would have underneath you after giving birth), they are cotton on top with a waterproof bottom. I saved them for when my kids were sick and would put them on top of their bottom sheet in case of emergency. If they got wet, I had a backup. I would suggest you have your daughter sleep on a large pad and if she wets it, have her change the pad herself, wipe herself, and put new underwear on. Assure her that she will do better soon. My kids are now teenagers and I still keep those pads in the house in case anyone gets a bad case of the flu. Best of luck.

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Did you just decide on a whim to take her out of pull ups.... or has she woken up dry several nights per week in the past? If she isn't waking up dry about half the time.... she probably isn't ready to even try yet.

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hi all I share your pain. my now 7yr old started wetting the bed again when she started kindy, another kind mum suggested I take her to the toilet just before I go to bed and that helped in about 2 weeks she was dry again by night and still is. In hindsight we think it was that she was so busy during the day she may not have been totally empty before bed time and just couldnt help it.lol frustrating though it was its just a thing of the past now. good luck

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Make sure that your child is drinking enough during the day, and that they aren't constipated. That can cause accidents as well.

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My daughter turned 3 in October and I have had her potty trained since she was 1.5-2 years old. My advice is to not let your child drink anything past 1 hour before their bedtime and make them go potty before bed. I recommend trying to get them to potty twice at first if you can...sometimes they wont do anything but it will get them focused on going. Every once in a while my daughter might wet the bed but it will be because she had a long day and just fell asleep before she had a chance to go. You will have to stick to the no drinks 1 hour before bed or they will just keep wetting in the bed. Hope my advice helps you and good luck!!!

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I would put her back in them, she obviously isn't ready to not wear them yet. My son will be 4 in May and was potty trained this past summer. He does still wet the bed so I have him in overnights. He is slowly getting better, a few nights he's woken up and went. And lately he's been getting up and changing his own after he goes so its just the process of him figuring out before instead of after much like he had to do with regular potty training. Bedwetting is pretty normal at this age even if its frustrating for us. My doctor said its not a "problem" until around age 8! So we may have to endure it for awhile but they will get it eventually!

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sounds like my older daughter when she was younger she was day time potty trained but she wet the bed until 8 1/2 years old due to a undiagnosed kidney problem so I would take her to the doctor and have her checked out some children have trouble staying dry at night I would just give her a pull up and not make a big deal out of it

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Inmy experience the child will start wakeing up dry when they are ready. i know a little girl who still wears pull ups to bed and she is 6. Doctor said it is fine and there is nothing to worry about as she is fine all day, it's just at night. Good luck :)

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We have this same problem....she is totally fine all day but the last couple weeks she's been wetting the bed. I put her back in her pull ups the last few nights...stop letting her drink after 8pm she still wets the pull ups even if she uses the potty right before bed. I hope its a phase I will stop using pull ups again once she makes if a couple nights without wetting the bed

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