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My 3 year old daughter is learning to write her name at nursery at the moment. If you write her name for her E L L A she will copy it perfectly. If you then ask her to write it herself without copying she'll write the word and letters back wards . She'll start with a backwards E on the right hand side of the page and continue to the left hand side. She's left handed and I'm right handed and I'm worried that I might be contributing to this situation. Her father and her brother are both left handed and I'm wondering if I should just step back from helping her with her writing. Or is there a bigger problem that I should be worried about. Would appreciate any advice.


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My daughter is the only left handed person in our family and I found it very hard to help her learn to write. Ask at nursey as they will have lots of experiance with how to be right-handed and help a left-hander write.

My daughter is now 7 and mirror wrote a lot when younger and still gets her numbers round the wrong way - although she's much better with her letters. It really is a case of just letting them practice and not worrying too much about it, they do learn to write in their own time. My eldest son who is right-handed also mirror wrote and got his letters round the wrong way at three so it's not just a left-handed thing.

I think the fact that she can hold a pencil and form letters is great (my three year old has just started to do circles, he shows no interest in writing his name). But if you are worried ask the nursey and check that they are giving her left-handed tools (scissors etc...) as this makes a huge difference.

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