8 hour flight with 2 year old

Char - posted on 04/03/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm flying with my daughter to Cuba in a couple of weeks (sans husband) and am pretty nervous about keeping her entertained for the flight.

I'm brining a portable dvd player so she can watch cartoons,
colouring books and books to read, some trains to play with...maybe a stuffed animal.

Can anyone think of anything else?
How do I get her to nap en route??
I'm bringing the ergo so worst case scenario i could walk her around the plane..


Jennifer - posted on 04/04/2009




Hi Char,

I wish I could go with you, my hubby is there right now too.  I live in Okinawa, Japan and I have taken 4 flights 14 hours plus with my toddler.  Last time was in January and he is 2 also.  What I suggest....the DVD player is a lifesaver but make sure you have power!!  The ones I would see in the planes only lasted 2-4 hours.  Have a back up power supply.  Coloring books are good but only bring one with 2-3 crayons so that they don't get launched at the person next to you.  My son had 2 cars that were small and played with those alot.  We sang and I bought him some headphones before we left so he could listen to music.  He loves music and as long as you are in control of the sound it should be fine.  As for sleeping the plane for us was always dark because of the movies ( 5 of them from Chicago to Tokyo) so he fell asleep for an hour or so at a time.  I recommend if you have an airline approved carseat USE IT!!  Kids do not sit well in the seat with that weak excuse for a seatbelt.  Plus then you have a carseat for when you get there.  You can get something called the go go baby that will attach to certain carseats and turn them into a stroller.  It was heaven!!!  Make sure you have a couple changes of clothes for her and a shirt for you because they may get sick. (pack of wipes)  If she is still in diapers ask the flight attendents which lavatory has the changing table.  I never knew there was one in there until our 3rd trip.   On the commercial flights they have toddler meals which was a great way to have my toddler eat too, it has lots of finger foods and then they can pick and choose off your plate too.  Walking around the plane works too.  The Japanese love kids so we would walk around and he would get all these pats on the head.  I am sorry I don't know how other kinds of flights would be.  Good luck!!  You will be fine!


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