Does anyone have any good recipes that their toddlers just absolutely love?

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I have a 2 year old that is somewhat of a picky eater. I am looking for meals that are delicious and nutritious.


Brandy - posted on 11/13/2009




My daughter loves when I boil mixed veggies together with rice and add chicken breast and mushroom soup and mix it all together. She also loves broccoli and cauliflower with cheese melted on it if you are having trouble with veggies. Oh and kiwis are her favorite fruit. Most people don't think to try them because they aren't one of the more common fruits but I just skin them and chop them into a few peices and she gobbles them right up. Also, any kind of homemade soup kids usually love and you can throw any kind of veggie in it and boil it for a few hours and it'll all taste good to them. Hope this helps.

Lisa - posted on 11/13/2009




Have you tried the gerber graduates. My 19month old loves them. They are small for their tiny fingers and they have all different kinds of food. My lil one loves the pasta pick ups it looks like a ravioli and has cheese and meat inside, they taste pretty good. They also have some lil cheeto looking snacks but they are healthy. Try those out. If not just make the food look fun to eat.

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my old standby when mine is being picky is cooked frozen carrots and whole wheat pasta, she eats it up no matter what her mood.

Kristen - posted on 11/13/2009




he LOVES lasagna and I use fresh onions and garlic. Some people put spinach in also. He's also a big fan of beef vegetable soup but he prefers it when its been pureed (even though he's 14 months old)

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