How Can I Get My 3 Year Old To Start Sleeping In His Own Room

Nikole - posted on 09/28/2010 ( 53 moms have responded )




He has his own bed in his own room.But he says that its too scary in there,but we put a night lite in there and trying different things to get him to sleep in there.We recently moved to Michigan,but when we were in California,he slept in his own bed.Now he just refuses to sleep in his bed in his room.What can I do to make him sleep in his room.I miss sleeping with my husband without the three year old in the middle.I love him to death but he is getting bigger and he needs to sleep in his bed.What can I do

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Julie - posted on 09/29/2010




Take him out to buy a new duvet for his bed, ask him why he doesn't like his room if your in a new house there might be different noises going on that he's not used too. Or put him to bed read him a story then leave the room, keep taking him back to bed if he gets up so knows that he's not going to get into your bed, stick to it don't talk to him just put him back into bed. Can take a few nights if not a week to get into the routine

Crystal - posted on 09/28/2010




I would ask him what would help him? Music or a special stuffy?
Then i would start by laying down with him to sleep then going back to your own bed. Everytime he gets up be kindly return him to his bed and lay with him until he falls asleep.
When he is ok with that sit next to his bed and put your arm next to him, when he is ok with that move to the door and so on.
I know it sounds like a long proccess but if your going to be losing sleep you might as well be making progress instead of fighting him to go back to bed.
he clearly needs some kind of comfort and reassurance.

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