Jessica - posted on 09/21/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I try everything from new potty to refused to change his pull-u..he just change the pull-up and dont use the big potty.my other son was a year and a half i know i got a big gap it 14 years between my kids but damn...any suggestion?

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Hayden - posted on 09/21/2009




Well I had a little boy who refused....so I went out bought underwear that he chose...I did NOT use PULL-UPs or REWARDS...I used PRAISE, POTTY and a COLD SHOWER....if he had an accident I said honey you can't pee in your pants you are a big boy and big boys pee in the potty and I'd say k lets clean you off...n I'd put him in the cold shower...when he went pee I told him that it was great and amazing and he is such a big boy....then he wouldn't poop in the toilet and the cold shower didn't do ne thing so I would put him on the potty after he had an accident and leave him sittin on it for about five minutes...and within a week of sittin him on the potty after accidents he was potty trained...yay..of course all kids are diff so good luck...

Carlisa - posted on 09/21/2009




i don't buy the pull ups there just like daipers and toddlers get confused about what to do.first buy panties or underwear if your toddler have bothers or sister they already have a good ideal what to do. if not then you will have to guide them i take my kid to the bathroom every morning when they wake up and after ever meal these are the time were they more likely to use the bathroom or take them evertime you go the bathroom watching you motaves them. i suggest your wife take the female and a man takes the male for good reason. and siting them on the potty for about 15 mins. three time a day help me as well different stokes for different kids just be patient and keep incouraging.

Elaine - posted on 09/21/2009




hi, i recently gave my mate some advice for getting her 3 yr old to use toilet. maybe you could try the smae thing. make a reward chart with ten squares on it or something that goes up to ten, make it bright and colourful, maybe with pictures of their fav charactors on it. explain to them that if they go wee or poo on toilet or potty, they can put a smiley face or a sticker or wateva you decide to use, on the relevant space. explain that when they get all the way to number ten they will get a reward, a sweetie or present of somekind. and also explain that if they make mess on floor they lose a sticker or smiley face.

make sure you make a really big fuss over it when they do good. take the pull ups off completly during the day let them run around in undies or even nude, and just keep at them every 30 mins or so, do you need a wee remember if you go wee on potty or toilet you get a sticker etc, make it fun make it exciting for them. i hope this helps you . x xgood luck.

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