Pimple-like rash??

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My step-daughter has gotten these pimple-like bumps on her stomach and on her legs... they kind of look like flea bites, but the only animal she is around on a regular basis is her cat that she has at home (she does not live with us full time). I have tried putting diaper cream on them and they won't go away. They don't itch her and they don't seem to bother her, but I hate seeing them every time I change her... any suggestions???


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I took her to the doctor's today and it ended up being folliculitis... she's on antiobiotics now and it should all be gone by Monday... thanks for all your help tho!!!

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Heat rash or perhaps prickly heat would be my guess. Rub cornstarch on her during the day and add baking soda to her bath water at night. If they don't get better I would have a doctor look at it.

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It could be a heat rash, if she's dressed too warmly and sweating in those areas. But the best way to know what it is and how to treat it is for her to see a doctor. You can also check the web for childhood rashes and see if anything looks similar, but if it sticks around for long, I'd strongly recommend a doctor visit.


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