pimples like rashes of my brother's 1 month old baby boy?

Monica - posted on 05/19/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My nephew 1 month old baby boy has pimple like rashes on his cheeks, forehead and chin...actually, almost covering his entire face...is this normal???

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Nicky - posted on 05/19/2012




it could be eczema..does it feel like sandpaper when you rub your fingers across it? my baby nephew has it all over his face also. my 4 yr old son also has it. I had to change his bath soap to dove moisturizing soap(the bar not bodywash) and i have to put curell lotion on him when he gets out of the tub and is still semi wet. he should see a doctor they may perscribe him something and also prolly change the soap he is using. goodluck!

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