Things to look for in a daycare

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Britney - posted on 08/08/2012




Everything the person beforw said but i would like to add that u should make sure that at least one person in each room has a degree and make sure they id ppl that come pick up children. For example if someone comes in claiming to be the childs father and they just take his word for it. You could also talk to parents of the children that go to that day care and get there input because they would know the most. U also want a daycare that will let u drop in whenever u want.

Gina - posted on 08/07/2012




Safety first, if it's a home daycare I preffer one that has a gate in the front or some sort of security alarm system, the cleanliness of the place, look for age-appropriate toys and schedule of activities they follow, any possible safety hazards such as certain pets, stairs or a swimming pool are a big no-no's for me, (even if they appear well secured). I also look at the children who are attending, and ask myself if they look happy being there, observe their demeanor and level of comfort when interacting with their caregivers and other children there. Also find out the child to teacher ratio and their discipline methods. Each place has its own vibe so you pretty much can sense if it's a good one or not.
I initially intended to place my child in a family home daycare, however, after visiting many of them I found alot safety hazards (the ones I mentioned above) and decided to use a center style place instead.

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