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My daughter is 2 years old (26months). She had a pretty rough biting streak when she was younger, but it seemed to have disappeared until recently.
I understand that kids go through phases, but she is hurting some of her friends. I have an amazing group of friends who reassure me that it is a phase, teething, etc. She is extremely bright and I know she understands me when I try to put her in timeout, explain that it hurts, try to comfort the other child, friends or sometimes even our dog.
I have done extensive reading on the subject, but no matter what cannot get her to listen to me.
Any personal advice or links to readings that could help would be great.

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Shanna - posted on 04/07/2011




We were a day away from being permanently expelled from Daycare due to my son's biting. The daycare observed my son and determined some route causes and then made adjustments. There's a book for daycares called "No Biting: Policy and Practice for Toddler Programs", you can get it on Amazon for $10, well worth it. Talks about the 16 reasons you child may be biting and how to correct the behaviour or correct the environment that promotes the behaviour. My son also liked to read No Biting (Karen Katz), great little book series (No hitting, No pulling Tails...etc.) - it's kid friendly and shows that what teeth are for and what we should do about it when you're wanting to bite or have been bitten. It's great that your friends are supportive and realize that it is just a phase. I had a hard time just passing it off as that. I wasn't okay with what my 20 mo son was doing and wanted it to stop.

Ashleigh Jade - posted on 04/06/2011




My 2 and a half year old use to bite.
I use the time out spot
All bad behaviour needs consequences.
Be persistant and consistant with time outs.
They get one warning, if they play up again in the naughty corner/chair/spot they go.
Explain why they are there and that that behaviour is unacceptable. The general rule is 1 minute for every 1 year of life.
No communication. When time is up get to eye level and explain again why he was there and then get the child to apologise to you and the child

Heather - posted on 04/05/2011




Maybe when she does it try a timeout, you dont wanna bite her back because what does that teach her? Nothing, the behavior continues, Ask the doc, what you can do, or try if she is biting maybe giving her a snack? I am outta my league here my son doesn't bite, but pinches hits pulls hair and head butts.

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