Weird Rashes - Doctors don't have a clue!!!

Danielle - posted on 02/10/2011 ( 23 moms have responded )




My 21 month old daughter gets weird rashes on her legs and sometimes stomach and arms. Sometimes it looks like heat rash and sometimes it looks like bug bites. It doesn't seem to bother her unless you want to look at them, then she says OWWW. I've taken her to the pediatrician and a dermatologist and no-one seems to have any idea what is causing this. They say a viral infection and then prescribe an anti-itch medicine.

Since she was 9 or 10 months old she's been getting them. Back then it was about once a month. Now She will get a rash every week or 2, right when the previous rash has just gone away. I feel helpless because I can't afford to keep taking her to the doctor just for them to say I Don't Know! Freakin Idiots I think....

Has anyone gone through this with their child?


Amanda - posted on 05/20/2011




My son is 13 months. He has this odd rash to that comes and goes throughout the day. He gets bumps that looks like bug bites, some look like pimples, and then others look like scratches. One minute he is covered, the next it is all gone. Have been using all the same stuff since birth. No new perfumes or colognes on me or my husband. Daycare has not used anything different. Dr's can't give me any info on what it is. One dr told me that the rash could have come from an ear infection, and another dr told me he had never heard that before. I don't know what to believe. It is keeping me worried. Although, it doesn't seem to bother my son a bit.

Bevely - posted on 06/01/2011




You may have mold in your house or somewhere else that your child frequently goes like daycare, relatives, etc. When my brother started school the building he was in was an old wooden portable building and he developed a rash every time he went to class, within hours most of the time, and it would stay for a few hours to weeks. After 6 months and several doctors someone suggested it might be mold, so the school building was tested and they found several different types of mold growing in the attic and insulation in between the walls. My brother was taken to an allergy doctor and tested positive for 16 different types of mold. We pulled him out of school and he didn't have any more issues after that.

Marcy - posted on 02/10/2011




Have you checked the obvious....changing detergent, writing down what she is eating and drinking to see if she is having an alergic reaction? Do you have pets? my son geta rashes when he is trying to fight a cold. They come out on his bum and legs and arms. I don't do much for them anymore....could also be dry skin...maybe. Just some random thoughts....

Pam - posted on 02/16/2011




my son was getting weird rash we started trying to watch what we used on him, found out we cant use any thing with petroluem jelly in it. so now we have to use naturel lotoins my doc. had never heard of this before my suggestion would be whatch what you give or use.

Maria - posted on 01/01/2012




Take her to a dermatologist. I went throught the same thing with my daughter - the pediatrician kept saying ringworm and giving her meds, I kept bringing her back and showing them the creams weren't working. After the 4th visit in 5 weeks I walked out of the pediatricians office, drove to the dermatologist, they did a biopsy (which the pediatrician NEVER did) and determined it was a yeast infection. Cleared up in 4 days.

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My daughter @ 15 months always gets rushes. I am so scared. But everytime she drinks something with steroids it clears up.. But of course, i dont want her to drink that all the time. Before, if its too dusty she gets that.. then if its too hot or something. But now, sometimes when its cold she gets rashes too. I am so confused but doctors can't seem to find a way or reason for this.

Brittany - posted on 10/03/2011




The same exact thing is happening to my son. He has it on his elbows, knees upper thighs back and hands. They said a viral infection and gave him anti itch cream, but its only spreading

Jennifer - posted on 06/01/2011




Im betting its an alergy to something! My oldest is now 10 yo and she has had rashes like that her whole life and they gave her allegra at age 5 to control it.

Bethan - posted on 06/01/2011




My 20 month old has very sensitive skin and often comes up in rashes that look like insect bites, once I thought it was chicken pox but the doctor said it was a form of exma. e45 tends to clear it up, we make sure that nothing we use is perfumed and make a note of anything shes eaten before it happens to try to determine a link. I beleive that one of her Grans ( totally not her fault as she was unaware) may have washed her clothes in a different detergent to what I use (I use Fairy). If it keeps happening maybe an allergy test would be benefical for you, hope it all works out ok x

Ginny - posted on 05/31/2011




Sounds like hives, which is almost always due to an allergic reaction. Two of my kids get them and they usually seem totally random. It sounds like they are frequent enough that you may want to take her to an allergist. The last time my daughter had them, Benadryl did nothing and she ended up on prednisone for a week (an oral steroid), it was the only thing that got rid of them.

Amanda - posted on 05/26/2011




Like others have said, it sounds like an allergic reaction. Start keeping track of what she is doing when the rashes come up, and a food diary.

I just found out my son is allergic to dairy and since we've stopped giving it to him he no longer has painfully itchy dry skin. He is also allergic to something else we haven't figured out yet, I'm starting to think it is garlic and beef. I actually ended up taking him to the pediatrician after he ate beef seasoned with garlic one night and broke out into huge itchy bumps on his trunk, arms, neck, face, even his ears. The weird thing was it stopped at the beltline...nothing from the waist down. The doctor confirmed it was probably a food allergy.

A note about the daycare, even if the daycare isn't doing anything different, it could be one of the children attending has had a change in laundry soap or something like that. Something no-one would think to ask, and she might be rubbing up against that child during play.

Nicole - posted on 03/07/2011




I'm dealing with this now. I have a 20 month old boy who woke one morning with a raised pimply rash on his trunk, arms & legs for the first time 5 weeks ago. It did not itch or seem to bother him unless I'd want to look/touch to which he'd sometimes say "owww" (which prompted my visit to the dr). No other symptoms were present at the time. The drs ruled out "the bad things" and suspected a virus. Sure enough, within 2 days he had the flu. Over the next 3 weeks as he got better, the rash got better and less noticable but did not disappear entirely.

Then a week and a half ago, he started to show signs of a new cold, then he started to itch all over. The same rash that was not noticed by him before was now mildly itching from scalp to foot. Gave oatmeal baths, calamine & Benedryl to help him stop scratching. Definitely systemic since he is itching in his ears and the rash is also in his diaper area (so rules out topical allergens, like detergents). Dr. still can only put in the general virus category, tho she says not too many virus rashes are itchy. She says itchy rashes usually only last a week and to wait it out but we've passed that point and it does not seem to be getting any better so I'm searching the internet for other clues.

It looks like from others on this thread that some can get a rash anytime they get sick. I've never seen that before, so I guess good to know but I hope that's not what he's in for. He's never had any food sensitivities before and has not eaten anything new during this time. I'm not sure if allergies can spontaneously appear but would be interested to know other experiences about that.

I know this post was from almost a month ago. I'm wondering if it has gone away for your daughter. Does the timing of her rash seem happen in conjunction with a cold?

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get your water tested and make sure its clean. Also, I don't know where you are from but my son got same rash from swimming in the lake.

Maria - posted on 02/16/2011




Both of my kids get odd dry skin patch looking rashes. I slather them with Weleda's Calendula Oil and the rash is gone in the morning. The stuff is like a wonder drug!

Katya - posted on 02/16/2011




I know someone that her son gets this rash and it seems that he is alergic to nuts. Take a note about what she is eating maybe it is something she is alergic to.

Cyndel - posted on 02/16/2011




It could be a dairy allergy, or other food allergy. Or a soap allergy. It looks like either she is exposed to what ever is causing this more and more frequently, or her body is less and less able to deal affectively.
I would take her to an Allergist and have her tested.
Sorry I know this can be scary not knowing what is going on!

Kelly - posted on 02/15/2011




We had this problem with my oldest. We saw Dr.'s and they suggested steroid creams but my mom in law found Dr. jonathon's Lotion Company and tried the Eczema cream. It has made a difference. It can be bought at Normally I put it on him after a bath as his spots are behind the legs in the knee area and in the middle of his chest. I tried some L'Bri lotions and aloes that work also. But the Dr. Jonathon works the best.

Alyssa - posted on 02/14/2011




I wish you had pictures of the rashes... We had a lot of strange reactions to food and chemicals. My second son especially would get bumps everywhere if he even touched somebody else's clothing that wasn't washed in hypoallerginic detergent. But yes, they've also reacted to things in foods, too. and doctors weren't much help for us either, I'm afraid

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My nephew got rashes regularly that were later tied to an allergic reaction to food - ended up allergic to milk, gluten, bananas and eggs - the allergy tests weren't fun for him, but the change of diet cleared up the rashes

Catherine - posted on 02/13/2011




My son went through a period of having several strange rashes, and after the pediatrician and dermatologist ran out of ideas, the dermatologist did a biopsy of the rash. The biopsy certainly was not fun, and it was mildly painful; however, they were able to determine for sure that the rash was eczema. Has your daughter had a biopsy done yet? It's certainly no fun, but it might be your best bet.

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Sounds like it could be an allergy to something.

My son has sensitive skin (not quite like that) and frequently has a red patch on his cheek or butt or something. For him it only lasts an hour or two though. Very weird.

When he was a young toddler his legs and feet were sensitive to grass (I think that's what it was), but his feet were also allergic to his sandals, so he had to wear them w/ socks.

Michelle - posted on 02/11/2011




My daughter gets rashes all the time as well do you use sented lotions or bubble bath, as both of these can cause exzema. We stopped using all perfume products with our daughter make sure that we constantly put Aveeno lotion all over her. If it is dry skin or exzema and it is really bad put vaseline on it and then wrap the area in saran wrap this will allow the skin to fully absorb the moisture and should clear up the rash good luck to you.

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