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when should i make a trip to the emergency room?

Jaycee - posted on 10/25/2011 ( 15 moms have responded )




my 2.5 year old daughter has been running high fever for 3 days now.. i took her yesterday to the dr and had her tested for mono and strep. they both came back negative. her fever spiked well over 102 this afternoon. i have been alternating tylenol and motrin. how high does a fever generally get before the child starts seizing? and when should i take her to the emergency room?


Jennifer - posted on 10/25/2011




If she gets over 104 I'd take her to the ER. Otherwise just keep giving her the meds, make sure she stays hydrated and fed, if she can keep things down. If she's throwing up or has diarrhea then I'd pick up some pedialyte or similar drink to restore her electrolyte balance. Our pediatrician said there is just a lot of non-specific crud going around this fall so if she's been checked and her temp doesn't spike any higher, I wouldn't worry too much.

Summer - posted on 11/11/2011




try to keep her in just a diaper and rub her with a cool cloth.... also you can take a cool shower while holding her... to try to get her core temp down.... turn on a fan close to her ( not blowing right on her) but close, also give her tons of liquids..... cold ones.... give her, her old teething rings to chew onw. ot crushed ice.

Katherine - posted on 10/28/2011




Wow, just realized I echoed what everyone else said.

Glad her fever dropped.

Vicki - posted on 10/25/2011




Rather than looking at just the fever, look at the rest of her. Is she responding? Breathing ok? Still taking some food and drink? Vomiting or diarhhoea? If in doubt phone and speak to either your dr or er. Fever is there for a reason, it's how a body gets rid of an infection. There's not a specific temp that will cause a seizure. Some kids are just more prone to them than others.

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I'm glad she's doing better. I was going to say that a temp of 104-105, while scary, is not typically dangerous (past infancy) by itself IF it can be easily brought down.

Liz - posted on 10/29/2011




A spoonful of honey in warm milk is great for the throat for adults and children alike (though I'd add a dash of liquor for adults).

You can also make popsicles out of Pedialyte if you get an ice tray designed for that and some stick blanks.

Basically what everyone else said. Most important is to keep an eye on her breathing and her hydration.

Catherine - posted on 10/29/2011




Seisures usually happen when the fever rapidly rises over1-4 over a short period of time. A fever of 102 isn't disturbing to me. It also depends on why she has a fever. What her other symptoms are. Does she have a cough, runny nose, etc. It's probably a cold or the flu. Does she not really have any other symptoms? If she breaks out in a rash, take her back to the dr. It could be Roseola or meningitis or something.

Katherine - posted on 10/28/2011




Yes febrile seizures occur at very high temps. 104+

I'm surprised your doctor is so blase about it actually. I would consider it kind of serious. Let her munch on some crushed up ice. Give her popsicles, the fruit kind.
Definitely keep her well hydrated and you'll know if she isn't going to the bathroom a lot.

Jaycee - posted on 10/27/2011




I kept a check on her temp yesterday and she only had a fever one time and it was 100.2 then it dropped after meds and a cool bath. So far today she hasn't had any fever. I am going to try honey for her throat because she is kinda losing her voice. It's croopy as my nanny says. Thank you ladies for the help and advise. I will remember this for future refrence!

Kathleen - posted on 10/26/2011




I agree 104 drop everything and take her. Keep hydrating, and motrin and tylenol, though i've been known to give both at the same time for a high fever. She's had it for 3 days and she still has it...i would take her in again tomorrow if it doesn't come down. I was always told by any peds we had, if it's not breaking after 4 days they need to be seen. However, in the meantime, try warm broth in her cup or tea. cool baths a cool mist humidifier. popscicles will help her throat too, if she is not allergic to honey, give her a bit off a spoon (straight) for help with her throat. Just try and make her comfortable till morning unless her fever changes. If her behaviors change such as the previous mom suggested then take her. if she isn't drinking, holding the fluid down and especially if she is not crying or peeing often then worry about taking her in.

Jaycee - posted on 10/25/2011




i have been keeping it undercontrol with the meds. i am doing all that i can to keep her hydrated.. eating is another thing.. she is hardly eating but i know her throat is really sore. the dr told me to just make sure she is drinking.. i am planning on taking her back to the dr tomorrow if she has any fever in the morning. Our pediatrician said there is a lot of unknown junk going around but said she wants to keep check on her and test her for anything and everything to see if its something that we can fix with meds or something else to help her feel better.. i am trying to just keep tea's, juice's, (any kind of liquid mainly) going through her..but it is still sort of a struggle at times. especially when her fever is coming back.

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