Happyland vs Little People

Victoria - posted on 10/16/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son will be turning 2 in December and I was looking to get him one of these for his birthday and christmas, which should I go for? He loves animals and cars so was looking at the fam or zoo sets or other recommendations.


Dawn - posted on 10/18/2010




I haven't heard of Happyland but Little People are great!! We have a few vehicles and a boat with blocks. I also have Mega Bloks which are better as far as blocks go. I love the selection of playsets Little People offer and the fact that the age range is so great!! My 4 year old niece still loves her Little People sets.

Caitlin - posted on 10/18/2010




My daughter who will be 2 nexct month will be getting the little people farm from her grandpa and the little people harvest playset from us. I love the little people, I have a bunch of second hand figurines, but we do9n't actually have any of the sets yet, so soon she'll actually be able to play with them properly, I can't wait to see her reaction, because she LOVES animals.

Nicole - posted on 10/18/2010




My daughter will be 1 1/2 around Christmas and I keep getting the "Little People are the best" comments. We've looked and there is so much variety for Little People that it will be our theme for her for Christmas this year.

Tana - posted on 10/17/2010




I love little people. There is so much selection - from the town center to the animals to the wheelies. I dont know if Happyland has all that though since Ive never actually heard of that before today. I have also gotten rave reviews from other parents about how much their kids love little people so I am going with a ton of little peoples toys for Christmas for my little ones!

Brooke - posted on 10/17/2010




My daughter is three and she loves little people! I walked into the basement the other day and I could hardly see the floor, it was covered with little people and all her accessories for them. Little people has a pretty cool farm set and they have a plane, bus, and fire station kit. There are so many different sets for Little People, I like how durable the people and animals are and the fact that they are very easy to clean.

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