I need help folks. My 3 year old girl wont poop in the potty or the toilet...

Kathryn - posted on 04/23/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




will not sit for a poo. She is only is her panties in the day, I dont want to go back to nappies so she poos in her underwear. At start I didnt mind washing tons of close every day but this has been going on for 6 months now... I have tried every thing, reading books, singing, giving an example :P giving her sweats when she did go. But she wont call when she needs to poop. I dont know what to do from now on. It is some times embarrasing when your in a shop or at a frineds house and your 3 year old child poos her underwear (distroying sometimes the tights and dress aswell... )

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Sam - posted on 04/23/2012




My daughter would not go number 2 in the potty for a while...but once she did she was just fine and did it all the time! We just made her sit on the potty every couple hours for a while...whether she told us or not. So soon she started telling us so she didn't have to spend hours on the potty. It was kinda a last ditch effort because she was starting daycare and had to be potty trained. It is really tough on you to have to stop everything every few hours but I would try it...worked for us. We also made a very big deal out of it when she went in the potty, like a happy dance and me and my husband would make a huge fuss over it. Good Luck!

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