Late talker - 31 months

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My daughter will be 31 months on the 28th of January and doesn't speak at all. We've heard words in passing very occasionally like; mumma, dada, yaya, go, tank (thank you).

We've been concerned for a while. We've sought help and I feel like we're hitting a wall. We started on a wait list in march 2016 for a speech evaluation. We saw a hearing specialist in may 2016 and her hearing is fine. June 2016 she got in to see the first step speech pathologist. She was very late in talking (I already knew this...). So we were put on another wait list and in December 2016 we got in for another evaluation. My daughter did better at this one; she was making eye contact sometimes, wanted you to play with her, attempted to form the word bubbles, etc. This pathologist asked if we wanted her to evalutate our daughter at her preschool (she started in September 2016 with the hope of speech developement), we said yes. The findings were that our daughter was delayed by a year or more.

So, my aggravation is here. NO ONE WILL WORK WITH MY DAUGHTER. Sorry, I'll try to be calm but I am so very angry with the support system we have. We start a 6 week class, once a week next week with the speech pathologist and other parents. We will discuss strategies, etc., and our children will not be present.

We have an appointment in march 2017 for a developmental paediatrician, that appointment was booked in march 2016...

I'm a stay at home mom. We rarely left the house, she didn't have interactions with other kids her age and I was mostly home alone with her. I often would just give her stuff without verbalizing at all. I feel like this is completely my fault. I'm trying to do all that I can now to make up for what probably is my fault but feel like there's no real help to support me in correcting what I did. :(

-babbles jibberis CONSTANTLY, is this good? :)

-points sometimes

-has always communicated with actions. Wants snack, goes and gets a bowl and brings it to you. Same with water or if she wants something opened.

-almost never has melt downs unless she's tired or if you try to get her to verbalize. For example, brings you a bowl and the snack to open, but you won't do it because she hasn't verbalized. She persist for a while before getting upset.

-understands verbal direction. Stop, no, the dreaded countdown when she's doing something she's not allowed to, go to bed, in the house, stay on the sidewalk, out, hold my hand, close the door, kisses, hug,...

-she copies. I always wear sunglasses, she likes wearing sunglasses. I always have a purse, she LOVES having a purse (if she can't find hers, she drags mine around). She pretends to talk on the phone (she holds the phone up to her ear and jibbers on). She will brush her hair if she finds a brush, will help with her coat, help with her boots...

-she is very good at sharing.

-she is a VERY VERY VERY happy little girl. She laughs with me, we can play tag (I'm always it, the little turd monkey... lol ), she plays peek a boo,...

-new thing we found out this week. She likes taking selfies with us. Her dad like making funny faces into the camera, so now she sticks out her tongue for silly photos.

Other developments:

-rolled early
-crawled early
-stood unaided at 10 month
-walked full at 16/17 months, she was very happy crawling. I always put her in dresses, so she would crawl with her feet on the ground, but in the air and on her hands (it was hilarious!).

Sorry for the long story. I'm just feeling defeated and want to do everything I can to help my little girl. I feel guilty and she's honestly so perfect and happy. Has anyone else been threw this?

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