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Devonne - posted on 07/17/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 21 month old, soon to be 22 months. He is not talkin at all. I am a stay at home mom and l talk to him constantly. He understands everything that I'm saying and replays with baby talk, he can point out two bony parts and understands what a dog cat and cow is but moo's when he sees a dog and a cow. He is a VERY active boy and very smart but refuses to talk. I would say he has at least 3 words in his vocabulary ( that l can understand). It's really depressing when people talk to him expecting him to talk back because of his age. He will be starting speech therapy very soon and they recommend 2x a week for 30mins. So, l was wondering what can l do at home to help my son talk. Thank you


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Ev - posted on 07/18/2017




Actually, that is quite normal for his age. I worked with children with disabilities that had to have speech and most of them were non-verbal to babbling and it was not consistent with their ages. My son was 3.5 plus in age before he was clearly understood. As long as he is able to follow simple directions he is fine. If he has a few words you understand that is fine. He should be trying to form sentences of 1 to 2 words at this stage. Also keep in mind boys will be a bit slower in being clear in talking.

You can not expect kids to be talking like a full grown adult or older child. He is just beginning to put words together right now and he is learning language as he grows. You can not expect him to know a lot of things at this age. He is also not going to know enough words to express his emotions either as he does not have the ability to understand that yet.

A lot of kids are like this and do not need to have speech therapy. Is there anything else going on like hearing issues?

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