17week old son !

my son is 17weeks today and he is on baby food for breafast lunch and dinner i was told he should be having 4 bottle aday still but he onlt having about 2-3 my 2year old never...



What is the normal age for babies to get first teeth

Started by Kate on 09/29/2009 in Moms Under 30

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If your little ones have got teeth, how old when they 1st got them :) my son was born on the 17th && is now 17 weeks old && now has his 2 bottom teeth, his 1st last sunday & his...

Started by Gemma on 09/18/2010 in May 2010 Babies

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at what age should you stop swaddling?

My daughter is 17 weeks old and she still sleeps swaddled if i don't swaddle her then she will wake up in the middle of the night.how can i get her to sleep through the night...

Started by Jamie on 11/14/2010 in July 2010 Babies

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My Daughter was born May 24, 2009. She is approximately 17 weeks old. She has begun to push herself up entirely on her hands and knees in the crawling position (belly off the...

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Hi there.

Hey everyone im laura. I am a 29yr old mum of three amazing kids. Amy 10 today chase aged 4 and a menace! and my lil heart baby chloe who is 19 week on mon (born 08/09/08). She...


My Sons Father Is s Liar

Am I wrong bc I refuse to let my sons dad take him anywhere by himself/ without me? He has lied to me countless times over little and big things and I trust him about as far as...

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having problems...please help

i have a little girl she is 17 weeks old. and i still have not stopped bleeding. is something wrong is this normal. is anyone else doing this, i really dont know what to do or...