20 week old won't sleep on own help?

Since birth my daughter has hated being laid down to sleep. I nurse her to sleep and then lay her down in her bassinet and she wakes up within seconds. She will sleep in a rock...


Logan 20 Weeks Old

Having a good old chew of the handys!

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20 week old baby and TTC again!

We have a beautiful baby girl and really want to have another baby soon. We've been trying for about 6 weeks now and no joy. I got pregnant straight away before but had a m/c at...


New here :)

Hey! i just signed up on here and am still getting the hang of things. my name is Manda, im 19 and have a 4 1/2 month old daughter. shes actually 20 weeks old today! im just...


Baby size....

My daughter Aubrey is 4months old....shes a big girl...is it normal for her to be wearing size 12month already? She can't wear the jeans but just about everything else fits...

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Baby food

I saw my health visitor today to get my 20 week old daughter weighed, she is doing good but whilst i was there the health visitor asked what food she was eating. i told her she...

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date and weight

hi everyone, just curious when in august was everyone's baby born and what weight where they. all my kyds were born in the month august but my newest was born on the 5th of...



Hi, I'm Melissa and my daughter Bella is 41/2 months. She is starting to roll over and is a real little chatterbox! She seems to be recognising who people are now, especially...


Mom's anxiety about night-time feedings

I'm breastfeeding my 20-week old, who wakes up every 3 hours or so to eat at night. Knowing that she'll wake up makes me so anxious that I can't fall asleep. The doctor is a...

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Car Seat Issues

My little one HATES being in his car seat. He was fine when he was little, reclined and facing the back of the car. Since turning him forwards he last about 15 - 20 minutes then...

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Rice cereal

How thick do you make babys rice cereal if he's been eating it from a spoon for about 3 weeks now?