Free Range Kids

I was on facebook and on my friend's was talking about a mother that left her 8 year old home alone. Someone commented and started talking about a movement called Free Range...

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How do you feel about daycare?

ive been thinking about puttin my 17 month son into daycare while i attend work and school.. and im worried bc he isnt use to being around other children so he wont do well and...


Spanking an infant?

I grew up in a very conservative, Protestant household where spanking was a normal and frequent method of discipline. I now am very much against it on so many different levels....


Toddler activities

I'm a stay-at-home mom and I'm running out of ideas for playtime! I hate to say that sometimes I end up just putting a movie on, sometimes more than one movie during the day,...

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nursing with hypoplasia

I had trouble nursing both my first and second sons. I wasn't producing enough milk and had to supplement with both. With my first, I got maybe half an ounce, with my second, I...

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Faith our Angel

Faith is now 3yrs old, Has epilepsy, they now say she does not have cerebral palsy, They have said her brain is disolving, they say its very rare! & it look like cerebral palsy,...



My son is 4years old he was born with a condition called talapies otherwise known as club foot. He has had 3 operations, we have tried the ponseti method special shoes splints...



Hi everyone. My son is 3 and was diagnosed with autism (lower spectrum) and recently ADHD. The doctors are prescribing Risperdal and Clonidine. In the beginning he was having...