My concerns for home birth.

I'm not pregnant right now, but my husband and I are trying for our next child (we have a 21mo. old son, and I miscarried our 2nd in July, so I don't know if I should consider...

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My 4yr. olds weight?

I took my 4 yr. old girl to a wic appointment today and they were concerned because she only gained 1/2 lb. in 6 months. She's always been on the petite side like me and doctors...

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Tantrums/behavior issues

My 5 and a half year old son has PDD-NOS. He is doing good this Summer learning some new skills/trying new things(he went on the Ferris Wheel, learned how to swing by himself,...


New here

Hey yall I am a new mother my fiancee and I both are expecting our first child. If there are any other moms that have already had there first child I would like if it would be...


SO MAD!!!!

Ok so I just came across a post in young moms 20-30 that was talking about sexy halloween costumes, I do agree with the fact that some of these costumes are over the top and I...

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Night Terrors??

My son is 6 1/2. Lately he has been "waking" up and crying, crying so hard his teeth are chattering. He dosent seem to be totally awake. Last night he wandered around the...

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Texting for a 6 year old?

I have two children. My daughter is 6 1/2 and my son is 4. Yesterday my mom was texting me stuff to relay to my daughter about her favorite baseball player grandpa was...

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trouble with my 6 year old

having a horrible time getting along with my almost 6 year old daughter, everything is a struggle, a fight, an argument. I have tried pretty much anything. please help

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hi i am new here, i am a mother of 3 boys, my youngest son has severe autism he is 6 years old and my middle son is being tested for asperges just to say hi to everyone here...