Acai berry anyone?

Are any of you trying the acai berry capsules? I ordered some the other day, and contrary to their advertisement of quick and easy weight loss, I can't tell that they are doing...


supplements / diet pills

So i noticed that whitney said she was taking a b vitamin, i take a multivitamin as well. I was taking "slimquick" with hoodia at the beginning of the year and i thought it was...


Which diets really work?

I overindulged a bit over the holidays. Do you have a weight-loss program that works for you? Thanks!

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Diet Pills

I am thinking of trying a diet pill and i was wondering if any moms have tried any and if any have actually helped? There's a lot of talk about acai berry, anyone tried it?



Hello mom's... well I have a weight problem and I dont feel comfortable with it. at this moment I am on a diet and I am doing ok on it, but.... I want to see results faster!!...

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Do mommy-brains ever go away???

I am a SAHM with my 9 month old son. And I feel like my brain isnt what it used to be! I find myself being very forgetful and just not being able to think straight. Do mommy...


looking for healthy detox

I have never tried a detox before, I have a new years resolution to get down to a 2x this year. I am now a 3x, Being a mother of 2 children ages 3 and 1 I have found myselfe...



I'm Joaquina and I have been suffering for 2 years with fibro. I am only 42 and had to retire early from a great gov't job! The pain is so severe when it hits. Pool Therapy has...


How much baby weight have you lost???

My baby just turned 4 months old, he was born on June 21/09. I had gained 40 some pounds when I was pregnant and lost 30 the week after he was born, but these last 10 pounds...

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Frustrated with weight, husband.......

My son was born September 9th.... so it has been almost 10 months and I still have a LOT of weight to lose. I gained 60 pounds!!! I was never tiny to begin with but I got...