MOTHERS ALWAYS GET THE UPPER HAND IN CUSTODY 98 percent of the time its sad


Trinity and Braxtyn

I'm 30 years old I have two kids Trinity 11 Braxtyn 6. I was forced to sign the papers and they took my kids. I know I have a lawsuit bc of things that happened during the fight...


It gets lonely.

I am 20 years old with a six month old son and 21 year old fiance. He works most of the time so I'm just dying to talk to someone who understands what it's like to be a 24/7...

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Is it wrong to only want one child?

Our daughter is going to be 2 in March and I feel so torn. I personally do not have a desire to have anymore children but at the same time I wonder if my daughter may hold that...

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Discipline help

I have a 2 year old B.R.A.T who hits, and loves the word "no", any suggestions on discipline?

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puberty and emotions

My son is 12 and I think he is going through puberty? do male's palm of their hands actually sweat even if he is not doing anything to make him sweat ? He has been exposed to a...


She's my step-daughter

What sould I do if her mother doesn't want me or my hubby to be in this little girls life?? She loves her daddy so much, but her mom says that we do bad stuff to her and abandon...

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People just don't seem to understand

I am really tired of people's judgement of my life. First my husband and I own our home free and clear it's ours, we have the titles to both of our cars. We have two happy...

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ADHD??? Or just a typical toddler boy???

Ok, so I know it might sound bad but OMG my son is absolutely CRAZY!!!!!! How do you tell if its just normal toddler behavior or if there is a problem? (he's my second child...

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is anyone else constantly shocked over the beauty of there little one with down syndrome. almost 3 1/2 years on i still look at my son in amazement and cant believe he is...



I am going thru a very bad divorce and my soon be Ex wants full custody of them he thinks because he has 2 jobs never at home lives with his mother, brother and sister n law and...


My 7 week old son won't sleep at night

Hi! I am in desperate need of some support. My 7 week old son hasn't sleep for more 10-15 minutes all day. It's 10:30pm and he hasn't slept. I fed him and fed him, bathe him...

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In a bad situation could use some legal advice

I have 3 girls aged 12yrs, 11yrs, and 2yrs. I have always had custody of my 2yr. old. My husband is the father of all 3 children. About 7 yrs ago we were have financial and I...

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