newly seperated...1st kid... =( sad!

struggling to stay happy! i think the hardest part is at night...sleeping alone...feeling cheated from having ahappy life..marriage...........it sucks...... especially that im...

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The entity of family

I often wonder what's happened to the sense of family these days. Growing up I remember regular get togethers at an Uncle's home for special occassions, my husband remembers...

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I do the bulk of the parenting

I have an almost 2 year old son, a 3 year old daughter, a husband, a mother in law, and a dog all living under the same roof. All the adults have jobs, however; I'm home most...

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Feeling really alone?

Sorry this might be long! But I need advice. So im 8 months pregnant and my boyfriend left me twice during my pregnancy for the same girl anywho does anyone else feel alone...


only child????

hi i have a daughter ella she is 18 months old and 4 weeks ago i had a miscarage this has put me off trying again i found the pregnancy very hard esp when i had to go on bed...


welcome to our communitie

hey moms welcome welcome welcome, here's a tip to start of some conversations, the childrens museum in boston Target $1 Friday Nights Sponsored by Target are offered every...


What do I do with this?

So my husband informs me that I didn't ask for his opinion about the sleeping situation. Which is true because to be honest, if the baby is in our bed it is for the benefit of...


Grandmother gave my 5 month old coffee

My baby's great grandmother kept my child overnight last week. She tells me the next day that she had a lot of poopy diapers and messed up all of her outfits. Then proceeds to...

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