we are women, hear us roar

i have found that i love this site, the world we live in today is hard to do on your own but when you have a child who depends on you, you feel the need to do better than just...

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i feel like a single parent

My husband works 60-70hrs/week and its all he thinks about. I am losing my mind beung a SAHM because of his work, not necessarily by choice but by necessitiy. I love my son but...


Boy when the Lord moves...he moves!

Hello all it has been a while since I got a chance to post anything or even get on the computer. I see a ton of new people and I hope that everyone has been blessed! But I just...

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Hello...I'm new

Hi! I am the mother of five beautiful children, ages 18 to 4. Three girls, two boys. I homeschool until high school. I have one in college and one in high school this year. The...

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What do you think when people say " You are just a child yourslef having a baby"? I hate it. I am not a child. I a grown women and I will have kids when I want to.


I'm so lost

My 12 year old son has always had behavioral problems and I have been told that these issues go hand in hand with being "gifted" Recently I have had to deal with child...


how do I stop yelling all the time?

I used to be pretty mellow, and only hollered occasionally. I have 6 children at home; ranging from 3 to 16; 5 of which are stepchildren. Lately, none of the kids have been...

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Not spoiled but yes indulged

My philosophy is only have as many as you know you can handle, one has been great! This was a decision my husband and I made from the beginning and we waited nearly five years...


to my angle in heaven

its been almost two years since my baby boy passed. he was a month old exactly. i don't have many pics of him, but i have wondering questions. The autopsy showed a heart defect...



Hi everyone....im new to this great forum....so glad i can get advice!!! My daughter was diagnosed in Sep 2010, shes 7....she was given Equasym 20mg....at the start it was great...


Lazy Eye Surgery

My daughter is 3 years old. She wears glasses and has a lazy eye. At first the doctor said he thought the glasses may correct it. It didn't so we tried patch therapy. My...

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