Problems with my exes girlfriend

My daughters father has been seeing this girl off and on for the past year and a half. She is constantly giving him bad advice and he listens to her. He used to help me with...


in need of help..

my son is 16 months and use to sleep great we just moved and everynight since hes been waking up SCREAMING out like hes in pain or scared.. we have moved many times before and...


Some people Have no Clue!

I am so angry. The guys I work with had the nerve to tell me that ADHD wasn't real. That the parents and doctors just don't know how to deal with kids. And there was the old...


Do You Think Kids Should Know CPR?

HI I am a mommy of two kids 10yold boy and 8 month girl,, Does anyone think its to much to ask that my 10year old to know CPR and know how to revive someone after chocking/...

Started by Jenny on 08/14/2013 in Toddlers

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Please help me save my marriage.

My husband and I have been together for 8 years now, maried for 5 in August, We had our first child 6 months after marrying and our 2nd child came along 2 and a half years...


When do I get to go out?

My boyfriend thinks he deserves to go out with the guys all the time, but when is it my turn? He acts as if he should be able to continue on as usual. Did he pack a baby...


How do i help her?

My Stepdaughter has been hurt three times by grown men. We tried therapy and self help books. Nothing seems to stop her from acting out. This child plays adult mind games and is...

Started by Casey on 02/08/2010 in Step Parenting

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Kids on your Wii Fit

The Wii Fit told my 7 yr old that she is going to be fat. Now she won't eat anything. She is a healthy weight for her height and bone strucure. What to do now?

Started by Melissa on 06/21/2010 in Kids Born In 2002

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I am a stay at home, work at home mom, my kids go to the sitters 3 days a week so i can work ( I am a children's book illustrator and a graphic desinger) I have three little...


Won't eat baby food

My daughter is 12 months old and has been eating solids along with breastfeeding for six months now. When she was younger, she wanted to eat baby food more than breastfeed, but...

Started by Chelsea on 11/07/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Need help with my highly gifted son

My 14 year old son is profoundly gifted but he doesn't talk to people. He has no friends in school and says that it is because he can't relate with others due to the fact that...


social skills for school success

I have a six year old son in year one at school this year. He will be turning 7 in a couple of weeks. It hasn't been the most enjoyable start to formal education. He is very...