Weaning a 18 mnth determined girl

vanessa is not eating supper cause she drinks 3 - 6 times a night from me. I have gotten her to take a dummy during the night, but I feel obligated to feed her cause I know she...


Traveling to Cuba with an 17 month baby

Need advises on everything ... my main worries are about the milk, my son still drinks 3 full bottles of milk 3.25% a day....and what about mosquitos... and baby clubs, is it...



My in-laws seem to favor my SS over our BS are they compensating for his mother not being in the picture?

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To smack or not to smack?

I have never smacked my daughter, she has always listened to me but now she is 3 and answering back or yells NO! She placed herself in a dangerous situation the other day...


Car Seat suggestions....

My son had a delayed 12 month appointment but now has been officially cleared for the forward facing car seat. I have been doing a lot of research but I am stuck on a couple....

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i have a 10 yr old (close enough - 2 more weeks) who has a major attitude problem.can't respond to anything in a normal tone - stomps her feet or grunts if you tell her to do...

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new to the group

hi, i'm jesica and 26. I have 1 daughter, Caoilainn who is 2. i'm just looking to connect with other mothers and to meet new people. :)

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Do I let my son see his biological father?

My son is 5 years old an has only seen his father a total of 5 time. The last time he seen his father was 2 years ago for an hour. Granted his father is in the military and does...


Confused and frustrated

Ok, so I go to court for child support on Sept, 3rd, Im still trying to get full custody of my son...in Ks I have to have it or the sperm donar can walk in and take him. My...