At what age do you let kids fall on their face?

I have a 17 yr old that thinks he is grown (of course). He will take off for days at a time and not give me any explanation as to where he's been. I think he is doing drugs and...

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Why are you all so pessimistic about asperger

I read alot so many letters about moms of asperger children. Stop being so pessimistic. Stop labeling your children Here are 4 gold tips that can help you: 1)Love your children...

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Dealing with Grief

Hello Christian Mums. My youngest son Jackson lost his father on November 21st 2008 and it hasn't been easy knowing how to go about dealing with his feelings. He's only 6 but...

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4 1/2 year old won't stop sucking her thumb!!!

My daughter is 4 1/2 and will start Kindergarten next September. She used a binkie when she was a baby and we threw that away when she was about 2 1/2. Now she's resorted to...

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Sister with Down's Syndrome

Hello all, I've just joined the group and wanted to explain that I do not have a child with down syndrome, but have a sister who is 3 years old who has it. I have an almost...



My three year old daughter got frustrated with her 2 year old brother and bit him on the shoulder a couple of days ago. She was told off and sent to the naughty mat. This...


Motivating Kids to Do Well in School

I have 14 year old who is flunking math and literature. He enjoys his other classes and does decently (although there is room for improvement). He lies to me about finishing...

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my 2year old is so mean....

My 2 year old (Tori) is a bully!! i have 3 other kids and she beats them up all the time. i dont know how to handle it, i put her in time-outs but its still not stopping her...

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