Ideas for daddy

Hey everyone, I need ideas to give my husband for things to do with the kids, mostly at home. He prefers to be home on the weekend to spend time with the kids rather than go...

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Yes this post will end up as a question but just bear with me. I am at my wits end. I just don't have an answer anymore. I have two teenage sons and 4 other children 10 and...

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Hatred amongst Siblings

My 12yr old SD acts as if she HATES her 4yr old Sister. is it Normal or should I be concerned. My 12 yr old has been w/us sence she was 1 so it's not like she just came in the...


Mommy's Social Life

I invision this community to be supportive and helpful in all aspects of living with an angel. So I will lead be example. I was never a social butterfly. In high school I was...


My Fiance's son disrespects me...

I am getting married at the end of August to a WONDERFUL man. I have a 16 yr old son, and a 6 & 8 yr old daughter. My kids adore him. My girls call him daddy and my son is...


Dealing with other (angry) moms

I just need to vent and am grateful to have a place to do it without causing collateral damage! My three and six year old sons and I live in a townhouse complex with a play area...

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Help me be the calm, reasonable authority

Hi All. This is a first-time post for me and I need some advice, maybe some scripts for a family meeting/confrontation. I don't want to come off as sarcastic or angry, just...



i dont know about some teenage mom but im happy to be teenage mother



my daughter is 16 goes to college but has decide to leave home stop at her friends aunty .willnt talk to me what should i do?



Hello everyone! We are an active duty military family who is moving to Knoxville, TN this summer for hubby to work at an Army Reserve Center there. Just interested in meeting...

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hi im angie

i have 3 kids 18 yr old jamie he has adhd tourettes and dyspexia lauren who is 14 she has spini bifida she does not suffer with it her name is lauren and madison she is 3 and...

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How to handle attitude problems

my older children tend to get attitudes and it is very aggravating I try to get them to stop but it still happens.

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Hello there, I am a somehwat young mom...I just turned 27 in august and I have a two year old and a 5 month old. I personally love the age that I was when I finally got...

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