Teaching Kids About Drugs

This is inspired by Katherine's post about alcohol. I read this article awhile ago and the alcohol post made me think of it....

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Is anyone surviving?

I have found this stage to be the most challenging. Anyone else feel the same?

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what do you do when you had to raise your kids the best way you could and they hate you for it?

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Mothers Group

Hi, Can you tell me what is involved with a Mothers Group exactly?? I asked if there was one in my church & there isn't. I was then asked did I want to organise one, but I don't...

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baby sleep apnea??

My daughter is a little hurricane I think! She has a bath, bottle and bed around 8:30-9 (I know we need to cut the bottle, on my to-do list!), then lately she is up between...

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Scared to sleep away from baby...

My baby Natalie has slept in bed with me at night since she was born. Now she is 2.5 months old and her Daddy is getting sick of sharing "our bed". Natalie naps in her crib...

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Bed time....

My almost 5 year old daughter will not fall asleep before 1am and than its a struggel to get her up at 7am.... she is a busy child u would think she would knock out at 6 HELP!!!!

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My 2 year old points at ceiling

and says go away yucky!! She just grasp me with her head in my arms. Do you think it is possiable she is seeing things? Please help me with some advice or your own personal...

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Fidgety and NOT a sound sleeper

Avrie is almost 5 months, I know I've spent a lot of my time holding her and playing with her, so this is probably mostly my fault, but I'm trying really hard to break any bad...



i took my baby girl to work with me and all the little kids ask my why she dont look like me. its hard to tell them because at that age they dont realy know what it means to...


A tweeny bopper with a textatude.....

Well, my daughter is 12 going on 21 and her attitude is a nightmare. Honestly, I blame technology, or I should say the misuse of "texting" instead of actual conversing. THIS is...

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