sad boy

my son woke up this morning and started crying that he would be the only kid at thanksgiving dinner. being lesbian moms we just don't have many good friends with kids. so far he...


Tired of the rain!

Hello! My name is Lindsey, stay at home mother to Max (15mo.), and day time nanny to Lilly (4 wks). It's Very difficult sometimes to have no adult interaction during the day. I...


Feeling Hungry? (after just eating)

My daughter had 2 plates at dinner and 30 min later was hungry again! I learned in my child development class that 75% of Americans are dehydrated. Our body often feels like it...

Started by Rachel on 02/11/2009 in Just Being A Mom

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where to go thats a good day out with your kids

I work at duckies park farm and think that it is good value for money there are animal for the children to pet and meet there is a play area inside and out the one inside is...

Started by Amanda on 04/26/2009 in Mums In Cumbria

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Is my baby full?

I can never tell if my baby is getting enough to eat. She is a yr old now and is eating soilds foods and adult foods too.


Getting a job/going back to work? x

Hi, i was just wondering my daughter is 5 and a half months, and i was thinking bout gettin a job to help with the bills etc, i would like to get a job but wouldnt like to leave...



has anyones pediatrician told them to use adult robitussin for there baby? i am very nervous about this advice. please let me know if you have done this and how it worked out.


The Preidential Address at Schools

What do you think about this. Do you think that 5 -14 years old really need to be listening to a Presidential Address, or do you think that this should be something parent s...


Birthday Suggestions

I am lost as for what to do for my little girl on her 2 year birthday. She is an only child and unfortunately lives in a world of adults. The only children she is around are...



Hi all, i dont know how many people will actually see this or read it but i hope out somewere out there, there is like minded individuals out there!! Im a stay at home mum and...


wont give up the baby food

I have been trying at every meal to give my son adult food and he will not have it. He loves his stage 2 foods and gags on mostly anything else. Luckily I do get him to try...