need help PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my name is Amber. I have 3 step kids age 9, 11,13. The youngest 9 who is a boy his name is Tyler. He got a Mp3 player for Christmas at his mom's house. Well he bought it...


frustrated... :-(

just needed someone to talk with....my husband is 20 yrs in the ARMY..he is ALWAYS gone or busy or someone needs him, i feel like a single parent. does anyone else feel this...


please help me!!!

I love my son with all my heart but im just getting so stressed out with his nonstop crying. ive also been down in the dumps and sometime i dont even want to get out of bed does...


best friend or home wrecker?

hay everyone i have a problem that im not really sure where to go with..my best friend of about 9 years has desided to confess that she was sleeping with my husband and a few of...


sleeping problems

our son will br 1 year in march and still wont sleep thru the night. i havelet him cry it out several times... as long as 30 minutes and feel horrible and he still wont go back...


Why has my 17 month old boy gone off his dinners?

My 17 month old son used to be such a good eater but now he screams every time I put a cooked dinner in front of him. I spend hours making different types of meals but he...

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Curriculum for 6th grader

My oldest daughter will be going into 6th grade next year. We planned on homeschooling her starting next year, but with the way school was going for her, we pulled her out in...


he won't eat

my 2 yr old is refusing his food. even when i make what he's asked for as soon as its on the table he says he doesn't want it. he knocks it on the floor, gets up and walks away...


School trouble

My son has been being picked on at school. It is very bad. Last week 5 boys and 1 girl jumped him at the bus stop. He wasn't hurt but he could have been. A bystander saw and...

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Oh the memories...

I want to take a step away from all the criticism and putting down that I've been seeing a lot lately in all the communities I'm in. I also want to take a step away from all...

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Sibling Rivalry! HELP!

Has anyone ever felt like their kids hated each other at a young age? I have an 8 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. From the time my son was born my daughter has never been...

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The last time I flew with my son, he was just over a year old. He's now 2 and we will be moving back to Hawaii (from SC, so at least a 16 hr flight). He's probably going to be...


12 yo SD freaking out!

If anyone would like to read or share here is the goings on in our situation. SD turns 13 in Sept. This summer she has decided to completely act out, manipulate, lie etc. She...

Started by Sarah on 07/13/2010 in Step Moms

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