Help moving on

Hello all. I am new to the forum and just looking for some encouragement and support. My relationship of nine years ended last night when the father of five of my children...


Hi, I'm Ali!

Hi, my name is Ali, i live in Perth, Australia, with my partner of 12 years. Together we have two children, our boy Daron, who turns 5 in March, and our little girl, Miley,...


strong convictions

Hi, my name is Debbie and I have a 27 yr old daughter with special needs. Throughout our many years I have stayed strong in my convictions for the needs of my daughter Melissa.....



I run a small home day care out of my home and thought I'd check out your group. My name is Theresa and I am mommy to 3 boys; Chris 8, Jadan 6, and Ethan 4. I'm happily...

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Is it far to be be put down by older adults for being such young parents? My answer would be no, I do not think that it is far. There are some older adults that were young...



Hello, I am just wanting to meet other moms and get advice about kids with CKD. My husband has medullary sponge kidney and we just had our 9-year-old tested yesterday and he...


HELP!! My son is out of control!!

HELP!! My son will be 4 this month and he has been a fairly well behaved kid up until recently. Now he will not listen to anything that I say- same goes for my husband and other...


HELLPPPP!!! is my 4yr old is bored of me

with all his energetic spirit at 4yrs.. i keep on buyng toys to calm his enrgy abit... but now, he has been insistently asking for a sister or brother to play with.. he shuts...

Started by Stella on 12/17/2012 in Toddler Moms

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Missing Teeth

Does anyone have children with missing adult teeth? My niece has this and we recently found out that our oldest daughter has it too. The orthodontist says they will likely try...


How hard is it?

Hi everyone! I am currently a working mom, but have been longing to be a SAHM for years. My oldest is 5 and the other is 17 months. After vocalizing my frustration with...

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Want another kid without a father

I'm 28 and I have a little boy of 2 years. Currently I am single but I would love to have more kids before I am 30. My problem is I would love to have a kid with my ex but I...