Hyperlexia, anyone?

Hi, my 3 y/o son has autism (just plain old autism) and hyperlexia. I was just wondering if there are any other little guys or gals in the same boat!


my 4 yr old WONT EAT!!!!

my 4 yr old son has been a big eater all his life and now i can not get dinner down his throat at all. I have tried him helpin me cook or ask him what he would like with his...


Giving inants fluoride?

The doc perscribed fluoride at my sons check up since we do not have it in our water. I have heard that its a really bad thing to give to infants. So I amtotally freaked out and...


Is the Medication not working ??

Im not sure if my son's medication is no longer working....he was doing so good in school and has been taking his medication for over a year now but all of a sudden he's...


Birthday ideas

I want his first birthday to be cool. and hes turning 1 in november. we did his room in winnie the pooh. But idk a cute theam and games.. like what kind of games can a one year...


20 Month old Vegetarian

My daughter is 20 months and a great eater, when it comes to Vegetables, Fruits, and Beans. She does not like bread, only crackers, and does not like Meat of any kind. She...

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My child may be bipolar...

My son is 4 1/2 and our new psychiatrist say its possible he couple be bipolar. Does anyone have a very young child with bipolar syndrome? Two years ago a psychologist diagnosed...


8 year old boy saves sister!!!

MYRTLE BEACH, SC -- An 8-year-old Whitehall boy is being credited with saving his sister from being abducted while his family was vacationing in South Carolina. The girl’s...


Worried about my son's circumcision

My son is 16 months old and I'm worried about his circumcision. His little penis never comes out of the foreskin. 3 different doctors have looked at and said it looks normal,...



My son is 13 months and he is sleeping in a toodler bed. Well when its time for his nap i'll go check on him and find him on the floor like today he was under his bed with his...


Back to work!!???

Hey everyone... I need some advice. My son is 5 months old & I'm seriously thinking of going back to work. Alot of people have said it's too early, but financially I need to....


out of ideas please help

my son keeps taking his pull-up off and peeing and pooping all over i know it means that he is ready for potty training and that is a whole different fight i was wondering if...

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